MAXREFDES1258: 1200W DC-DC Buck Converter Using the MAX15157B


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The MAXREFDES1258 is a 1200W, 12V, 4-phase DC-DC buck converter that delivers up to 100A load current. The design is optimized for data-center applications with an input voltage range of 35V to 60V. It is also suitable for industrial, automotive and communication applications. The MAXREFDES1258 employs a MAX15157B fixed-frequency, current-mode PWM controller that drives power MOSFETs in the buck configuration, allowing the device to operate as a step-down regulator. The control loop uses a valley current-mode architecture to optimize performance with low-duty cycles and provides the shortest on-time possible. The output voltage is set externally through a resistor divider network using the 2V default internal reference. The load current is balanced equally between the two interleaved phases using a state-of-the-art differential current-sense and balancing network.


  • Wide 35V to 60V input voltage range
  • Highly regulated output voltage with ±1% ripple
  • State-of-the-art current balancing for dual-phase operation
  • Interleaved 180° out-of-phase operation
  • Current monitor outputs of individual phases
  • Robust fault protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle and average overcurrent protection
  • Multiple levels of overvoltage protection


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PCB Layout


Input Type Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Iout(Max) Single/Multiple Output Vout(V) Pout(W) Isolated/Non-Isolated Topology
DC 35 60 100 Single 12 12000 Non-Isolated Multiphase Buck


Input Type DC
Vin(Min) 35
Vin(Max) 60
Iout(Max) 100
Single/Multiple Output Single
Vout(V) 12
Pout(W) 12000
Isolated/Non-Isolated Non-Isolated
Topology Multiphase Buck

Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Name Product Family Order Design kits and evaluation modules
MAX15157B 60V Current-Mode Buck Controller with Accurate Current Report Switching Regulator - Switching Regulators Buy Now Design Kits

Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Product Family
Switching Regulator - Switching Regulators
60V Current-Mode Buck Controller with Accurate Current Report

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