MAXREFDES1238: Scalable, Single Input, 6 Output, Power Solution for the Versal ACAP Platform


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Size, cost and complexity are some issues facing Power Electronics Engineers when it comes to designing a power solution for high power FPGAs. The Mulltiphase Controller, Multiphase Powerstage and MAX77812 are just some of the Maxim ICs which eliminate these issues when completing a high power, multiple output design. The combination of the highly integrated Multiphase Controller with the Multiphase Powerstage ICs eliminates the need for many external components when designing for a high current rail. While our highly efficient MAX77812 PMIC easily manages the lower power rail requirements.

In this design a single 12V input supplies a circuit which outputs 6 separate rails ranging from 500mW to 130W.

The design is specified to meet the XILINX Versal ACAP AI Core Series UC1/3 requirements. The design layout is also optimized for the Versal ACAP IC.

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There are 16 ICs used in total:

Other features include the following:

  • Single 12V supply
  • X% Efficiency
  • Optimized layout for Versal ACAP IC
  • Small solution size
  • Highly scalable


Designed, Built, Tested

Board pictured here has been fully assembled and tested. Not available for sale.



Input Type Vin(Min) Vin(Max) Iout(Max) Single/Multiple Output Vout(V) Pout(W) Isolated/Non-Isolated Topology
DC 10.8 13.2 165 - - 200 Non-Isolated Synchronous Buck


Input Type DC
Vin(Min) 10.8
Vin(Max) 13.2
Iout(Max) 165
Single/Multiple Output -
Vout(V) -
Pout(W) 200
Isolated/Non-Isolated Non-Isolated
Topology Synchronous Buck

Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Name Product Family Order Design kits and evaluation modules
MAX77812 20A User-Configurable Quad-Phase Buck Converter Switching Regulator - Switching Regulators Buy Now Design Kits

Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Product Family
Switching Regulator - Switching Regulators
20A User-Configurable Quad-Phase Buck Converter

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