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MAXREFDES1051: 24V/2A, Active Clamp Forward DC-DC Converter Using MAX17599

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Designed, Built, Tested

The Reference Design Document describes the hardware pictured below. It provides a detailed systematic technical guide to designing a 24V/2A, active clamp forward DC-DC converter using MAX17599. The hardware was built according to the linked Schematic, Bill of Materials and PCB Artwork. It was tested by Maxim’s expert applications engineering team in a state-of-the-art design lab and the Test Results are fully documented. Functionality of the design over all electrical operating conditions was verified with the MAXREFDES1051 Simulation Circuit using Maxim’s OASIS Circuit Simulation Tool. Downloadable ECAD/EDA files are available in 7 different formats including OrCAD, Altium, Mentor DX Designer, Eagle and more.


Input Type VIN (MIN)
Isolated/Non-Isolated Topology
DC 18 36 2 Single 24 48 Isolated Active Clamp Forward

The MAX17599 low IQ active clamp current mode pulsewidth modulation (PWM) controller contains all the control circuitry required for the design of isolated forward converter power supplies. The MAX17599 is optimized for low-voltage industrial (4.5VDC to 36VDC) power supply applications.

The device includes the two ground referenced MOSFET drivers, NDRV and AUXDRV, required to implement the active clamp transformer reset topology for forward converters. Programmable dead time between NDRV and AUXDRV enables low loss zero voltage switching (ZVS) over a wide load range.

The MAX17599 features a programmable switching frequency from 100kHz to 1MHz that allows the power supply designer to optimize the passive components in the power train, resulting in a compact, efficient, and cost-effective isolated power supply. It incorporates adjustable switching-frequency dithering that enables low EMI spread spectrum operation.

Key Features

  • 20µA Startup Current in UVLO
  • Programmable Input Under-Voltage Lockout
  • Programmable Input Over-Voltage Protection
  • Switching Frequency Synchronization
  • Adjustable Soft-Start
  • Programmable Slope Compensation
  • Fast Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limit
  • 70ns Internal Leading Edge Current Sense Blanking
  • Hiccup Mode Output Short Circuit Protection
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This board is not available for purchase.

An active clamp forward DC-DC converter (ACFC) using the MAX17599 is demonstrated for a 24VDC output application. The power supply delivers up to 2A at 24V.


Test Results

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Bill of Material

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Reference Design Document

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Low-IQ Wide-Input-Range Active-Clamp Current-Mode PWM Controllers

  • Active Clamp, Peak Current-Mode Forward PWM Controller
  • 20µA Startup Current in UVLO
  • 4.5V to 36V Input-Supply Operating Range (MAX17599)