System Board 6512

MAXREFDES1032: 5A/12V Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Integrated HS Switch and External LS Switch Using the MAX17506

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Input Type VIN (MIN)
Isolated/Non-Isolated Topology
DC 24 36
5 Single 12 60 Non-Isolated Synchronous Buck

The MAX17506 is a high-efficiency switching regulator that delivers up to 5A load current at output voltages from 0.9V to (0.9 x VIN). The device integrates the highside MOSFET and operates over 4.5V to 60V, making it ideal for on-board point-of load and post-regulation applications.

The device features a peak current-mode control architecture. Built-in compensation across the output voltage range eliminates the need for external compensation components. The feedback regulation accuracy over -40°C to +125°C is ±1.4%.

Output overload hiccup protection and cycle-by-cycle peak-current limit provide for ultra-safe operation in short-circuit conditions.

Key Features

  • No Schottky-Synchronous Operation
  • Internal Compensation for Any Output Voltage
  • Built-In Soft-Start
  • 100kHz to 2.2MHz Adjustable Switching Frequency
  • 3.5μA Shutdown Current
  • Hiccup or Latchoff Mode Overload Protection
  • Programmable EN/UVLO Threshold
  • Overtemperature Protection/li>
MAXREFDES1032 Hardware Enlarge+

This board is not available for purchase.

In this document a step-down DC-DC converter using the MAX17506 is demonstrated for a 12V output application. The power supply delivers up to 5A at 12V.

Designed, Built, Tested

This document describes the hardware shown in Figure 1. It provides a detailed systematic technical guide to designing a step-down (buck) DC-DC converter using Maxim’s MAX17506 current-mode controller. The power supply has been built and tested, details of which follow later in this document.

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4.5V–60V, 5A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation

  • Reduces External Components and Total Cost
  • Reduce Number of DC-DC Regulators to Stock
  • Reduces Power Dissipation