LFRD003: Water Meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Reference Design

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General Description

The MAX7032 transceiver reference design (RD) is a self-contained evaluation platform for exercising the device as a wireless automatic meter reading (AMR) and water meter demo system. With the use of the Maxim USB-to-JTAG board (MAXQJTAG-USB), the MAXQ610 on both the handheld interface (HHI) unit and the various meter (MTR) radio modules can be programmed by the end user.

The meter board enables basic human interaction through a single momentary switch input and an LED for visual feedback. The MTR is designed to be compact, providing a self-contained transceiver board with a radio, microcontroller, and multiple "ports" for connecting various meter inputs to the system. Two separate designs are provided: one with an MMCX antenna connection, and the other with a small-footprint antenna-mounting option. Input to the MTR system can be configured with up to six ports, and the primary input interfaces with a "pulse" or dry contact (reed) output meter. This board can be operated from any 3V power source (1.7V to 3.6V for the MAXQ610, 2.1V to 3.6V for the MAX7032).

The HHI board has seven menu keys for user input, a reset switch, a 102 pixel x 64 pixel LCD display with multicolor LED backlighting for menu interactions, plus a receive signal indicator (RSI) LED. The shape of the HHI fits within a Series 55 BOX enclosure, and has a high-density connector for interfacing with an RF module.

Both systems are preprogrammed with operational firmware to demonstrate a simple wireless AMR meter (slave)/reader (master) system. Gerber files are available for simple cut-and-paste designs of the radio sections or the full implementation.


  • Proven printed circuit board (PCB) layout
  • Proven component parts list
  • Preprogrammed transceiver (TRX) pair for quick demonstration capabilities
  • Free MAXQ® microcontroller programming tools available for flexible operations

  • 5404fig01


  • 5404fig03



Designed, Built, Tested

Board pictured here has been fully assembled and tested. Not available for sale.


Maxim Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family Order Design kits and evaluation modules
MAX7032 Low-Cost, Crystal-Based, Programmable, ASK/FSK Transceiver with Fractional-N PLL Wireless and RF Buy Now Design Kits
MAXQ610 16-Bit Microcontroller with Infrared Module MCU - Microcontroller Buy Now Design Kits
MAX7359 2-Wire Interfaced Low-EMI Key Switch Controller/GPO Controllers/Expanders Buy Now Design Kits

Maxim Devices (3)

Part Number Product Family
Wireless and RF
Low-Cost, Crystal-Based, Programmable, ASK/FSK Transceiver with Fractional-N PLL
MCU - Microcontroller
16-Bit Microcontroller with Infrared Module
2-Wire Interfaced Low-EMI Key Switch Controller/GPO

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