Reference Design for Switching VGA Signals in a Laptop

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Analog VGA signals have been part of the PC world since IBM introduced PCs in 1987. Today most business-oriented laptops need to work with a docking station and with the vast number of existing projectors. Nearly all projectors have a VGA port which is the only common way for a typical user to hook up a laptop. Although digital connections such as DVI™ and HDMI™ are appearing, the vast majority of projectors still only support VGA.

The requirement to support VGA through the docking station and the VGA port will likely continue for many years, until one digital standard fully replaces the ubiquitous blue VGA connector on the laptop. Maxim introduced the MAX4885E low-capacitance VGA switch to perform that switching function.

The MAX4885E draws nearly zero current, fits into a 4mm x 4mm package, and incorporates most of the switches and active components used in a discrete implementation. All device outputs are protected to ±15kV HBM (Human Body Model), so that the designer can eliminate many ESD components, reduce cost, and save board space.


Designed, Built, Tested

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Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Name Product Family Order Design kits and evaluation modules
MAX4885E Ultra Low-Capacitance VGA Switch with ±15kV ESD Switches and Multiplexers Buy Now Design Kits

Maxim Devices (1)

Part Number Product Family
Switches and Multiplexers
Ultra Low-Capacitance VGA Switch with ±15kV ESD

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