Selecting SPI Clock Modes for Interfacing the MAX1132 ADC with the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller

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Note: The suffix "-bar" (CS-bar) indicates the active-low functionality of the CS pin.

MAX1132 Overview

The MAX1132 is a 200ksps, 16-bit ADC. The MAXQ2000 can interface with the MAX1132 in a variety of SPI clock modes: 8-bit, 16-bit, or a combination of both. To maximize the performance of the ADC, it is important to determine which mode to use during early stages of development. It is obvious that a 16-bit ADC with 16 clock frames should use 16-bit mode; however, in a scenario where the ADC uses 24 clock frames, the SPI clock mode must be evaluated closely. This application note provides test results for 8-bit mode, 16-bit mode, and combination mode; the results indicate that combination mode is optimal when the MAX1132 uses 24 clock frames.

Hardware Overview

This application circuit utilizes the MAX1132EVKIT and MAXQ2000-KIT.
Figure 1 presents the MAX1132 EV kit schematic, and Figure 2 illustrates the configuration of the system. To interface the MAX1132 EV kit with the MAXQ2000-KIT, connect SCLK, CS-bar, DOUT, and DIN from the MAX1132 EV kit to the MAXQ2000-KIT, as shown in Figure 2. In addition, a +5V supply is applied on the AVDDand AGND terminals of the EV kit. JU1 of the EV kit must be installed on 1–2 (ON) position. Apply an analog signal up to +12V on JU2, and the rest of the jumpers are left open. SW3 of the MAXQ2000-KIT must be turned off for proper operation of the system.
Figure 1. The schematic for the MAX1132 EV kit.
Figure 1. The schematic for the MAX1132 EV kit.


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