General Analog Output

These analog output solutions fit a wide range of applications. The selected ICs meet the performance requirements of the solution description and are our most cost-effective and most highly recommended products for the application. Please browse the list of solutions and click on a block to view recommended products.

Highly accurate analog voltage output


Highly accurate analog voltage output control, 12-Bit to 16-Bit control signal, ±0.024% to ±0.006% of FSO signal non linearity.

Usage: Analog control-signal generation for a wide range of high accuracy applications.

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16-bit Analog Voltage Out with Isolation

Ref Isolation DAC

Highly accurate analog output signal with 0-5V range and isolated serial digital input.

Application: Process Control and Servo Loop control; programmable voltage and current sources.

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Analog Voltage Control for Narrow Range Applications


8 to 10-bit resolution voltage control. ±0.10% signal error with support for unipolar and bipolar outputs.

Applications: Designs having narrow output voltage ranges or cost-sensitive applications that don't require high precision.

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18-Bit High-Accuracy Analog Output


High-speed 18-bit analog voltage output featuring high-accuracy analog and differential outputs.

Application: Test and measurement.

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