Powering the NVIDIA Jetson Module with Maxim Integrated Power and GMSL Solutions

Powering Next Generation Multicore Applications

The power of modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now available at the fingertips of embedded developers, makers, and learners, globally. Leading the way in multicore applications is NVIDIA’s® Jetson Nano™—a small, powerful computer that lets you run complex AI algorithms in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, 3D image reconstruction, and speech processing while only consuming 5–10 watts. This mandates the use of a robust high speed video interconnect as well as an ultra-low power solution that adapts and delivers to the dynamic system needs while maximizing run time.

Maxim Integrated’s Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™ (GMSL™) technology along with our high performance PMICs adequately address the interconnect and power requirements for these target applications, as follows:

Powering the Nvidia Jetson Module USB Charger Fuel-Gauge Protection LDO Buck Boost MAX77620 PMIC Jetson Nano Camera Audio Sensor RF/WIFI Security GMSL

  • MAX77620, the PMIC, has a feature set that is highly flexible with high horsepower. The 6A Dual-Phase regulator powers the high computation processing unit on the Jetson nano. Other additional regulators fuel the DRAM/FLASH memory and I/Os. The High-performance LDOs power the noise-sensitive SoC reference rails and multifunction control pins to ensure stable system operation.
  • For Platforms that need graphic-intensive processing, the GPU is more power-hungry, with current peaking at > 10A. A dedicated multiphase Buck regulator is required, and MAX77812 is up for the challenge.
  • For Fuel Gauging, USB PD control, and charging, please refer to the industry’s best MAX17050, MAX77958, MAX77975, respectively.
  • Next-Gen GMSL technology enables the NVIDIA Jetson® platform to link up to 8 cameras with key advantages including:
    • Support for imagers up to 8MP
    • Video aggregation and replication support
    • Safety ready, ASIL-B rated solutions