Hefei Onsoon Intelligent Electronics

ONSOON is a service company located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China, which is mainly engaged in IO-Link® scheme development and chip design. At present, the company has 20 R&D personnel.

ONSOON began to develop IO-Link in 2017, and successively translated specifications such as the IODD IO Device Description Specification, IO-Link Interface and System Specification, and IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile.

ONSOON has passed the audit of IO-Link association and is the only IO-Link CC (Competence Center) certified by the IO-Link association in China. The company is one of the four core members of the IO-Link China Association and the lead company responsible for the training work of the IO-Link association in China.

At present, the products developed by the company include web-based IODD generator software, which can be accessed at Professional registered users (companies with a manufacturer ID can register for free) can use the software to generate the required IODD files, publish them to the cloud, and manage them in the cloud. Users can easily download the required IODD files in the software system and browse the number of downloads for published files.

ONSOON has developed a four-port and single-port IO-Link USB master to configure sensor and actuator parameters. ONSOON IO-Link PDCT 2.0.0 is software used with an IO-Link master. The download website is The software and master are developed in accordance with the latest IO-Link Interface and System Specification-v1.1.3, which supports SMI and firmware upgrade.

ONSOON has also developed a device stack demo board, IO-Link hub, a digital pressure switch. The IO-Link master adopts MAX14824 IO-Link master transceiver, and the digital display pressure switch adopts the MAX22513 IO-Link master transceiver. Ultrasonic sensor and valve terminal adapter are also under development.

At present, the company is also carrying out the development of IO-Link-related chips, and the sensor AFE chip is the focus of the company's research and development in the future. ONSOON also plans to publish a book on IO-Link.

NSOON IODD Generator V1.0.2ONSOON IODD Generator V1.0.2


NSOON 4 Ports USB MasterONSOON 4-Port USB Master

ONSOON Single Port USB MasterONSOON Single-Port USB Master