Independent Design Houses

Get to market quickly with our products using one of our independent design house (IDH) partners. Our IDH partners can provide assistance at every stage of design life cycle. Count on system design services and turnkey solutions , from hardware and software design to manufacturing and logistics services.


Logic PD

Logic PD is the complete product innovation and product realization company for connected devices that serve the world’s most demanding markets. It is a complete systems integration and aftermarket services provider, helping clients to optimize their solutions to meet today’s user and business needs. Logic PD helps at any stage in the product life cycle to deliver ongoing value with emerging technology, new business models and subscription and fulfillment offerings. Logic PD accomplishes this feat by leveraging its 50+ years of product design and development experience to identify opportunities, reduce risk and control costs to get innovative products to market faster.  


Tensentric is a product development company focused exclusively on medical and life science devices with a staff of over 50 people averaging 20 years of experience. Its employees have developed over 250 medical devices and are credited with 75 patents. Tensentric have capabilities in industrial design, mechanical, electrical (digital and analog), software, optics, quality, and reliability engineering, with all projects managed by technical program managers. Its depth of experience has led to the development of a unique set of business processes with incentives for developing accurate proposals, executing projects efficiently, and ensuring successful outcomes.

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Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. 

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. specializes in the architecture, development, design, and implementation of high-technology electronics products. Orchid provides precision analog design, power supply design, low noise circuit design, full circuit board schematic capture design and layout, firmware and driver development, component procurement, prototype circuit board assembly, and prototype circuit board evaluation and checkout.


TEConcept is an engineering company located in Freiburg, Germany. Founded in 2005, TEConcept offers development services for industrial and commercial customers in electronics, industrial automation, and professional multimedia. The range of services covers consulting, feasibility studies, system design, production-ready development and, if required by the customer, management of necessary certification processes. 


Maxim has partnered with Valor Fire Safety, LLC (“Valor”) to provide precision algorithms for optical sensing applications including fire and smoke detection. Valor is the creator and exclusive licensor of External Sampling Photoelectric (ESP) smoke detection technology. ESP replaces the internal chamber found in traditional devices with an optical smoke detector IC to detect smoke outside the device. Our patented algorithms quickly detect smoldering and flaming fires but are less susceptible to nuisance alarms. Valor licenses its IP portfolio, containing over one dozen issued and pending patents in the US and other countries, to OEMs worldwide.

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Powerline Communications

Catron Inc.


Catron Inc.

Catron Inc. is our development partner in the US for powerline communication (PLC) solutions. Catron has almost 20 years of industrial PLC experience. Their designs are based on Maxim's MAX2990 and MAX2992 PLC narrowband OFDM technology, delivering high performance in harsh environments. Their modems can operate from -40°C to +75°C, in 95% relative humidity with no fan required.

For more information, visit Catron.



Xcedent offers board-level design components and the XCDT integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded ARM®-based development, including modules and evaluation/development solutions and IP. The XCDT tools include platform support for C language application extensions running on the MAX2982 evaluation kit.

For more information, visit Xcedent - MAX2982.

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Team Concepts Limited

Team Concepts Limited is a leading developer and manufacturer of switching mode power supplies. Additionally, it is an Internet of Things (IoT) total solution provider for remote access control with energy measurement hardware design. It also specializes in customized software development for mobile applications and cloud platforms). 

For more information, visit Team Concepts Limited.

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Design SHIFT

Design SHIFT was started in 2009 with the simple idea that with passion and focus small teams can deliver breakthrough products.

Product definition: Perfect each product we work on, simplify complex systems, and build to last.

Fast prototyping: Validate assumptions with quick prototypes, going through iterations, and developing both the hardware and the software to test the most important features.

Mass production ready: Design for manufacturing from the ground up and often work with the final manufacturer and suppliers during the early design phase.

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    SCSpro has provided total solutions for the Smart Card from hardware development, software development, to consulting services. In hardware, SCSpro designs and manufactures Contact and Contactless (RF & NFC) smart card readers, payment terminals, interface, and controller modules, and OEM chipsets. They also develop the apps, drivers, and management systems for smart dongles and secured payment terminals. SCSpro does consulting for the certifcation consulting on EMV (L1 & L2), RF EMV, PayPass, payWave, etc. 

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