iButton Authorized Solution Developers

Most businesses and customers that have a need for iButton® products don't want to build a complete solution from scratch. They would rather use an off the shelf product or have a custom solution built for them to meet their needs. That's what our iButton ASD and OEM Partners are for.

What is an ASD?

"ASD" stands for Authorized Solutions Developer. An ASD is a company that has developed software and/or hardware solutions using iButton devices. ASDs are complete solutions providers for many types of applications such as physical access control, data collection, inspection, time and attendance, payroll, fleet maintenance, manufacturing control, fare collection, network logon, data security, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and more. They take the basics of iButton devices and develop a system to meet your needs, whether you are starting afresh with data automation or adapting to an existing system.

iButton OEMs

Besides ASDs, iButton Partners include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They are companies that have developed products that merge iButton technology with existing technology on the market. They provide solutions that can be used by an ASD or customer to build a complete system.

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