Design Partners

Our carefully selected design partners provide you with value-added products and services to help you quickly realize the benefit of using Maxim Integrated parts.

Hefei Onsoon Intelligent Electronics Co., Ltd. (ONSOON)

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iButton Authorized Solution Developers

iButton® authorized solution developers (ASDs) create complete software and hardware solutions using iButton devices for many applications.
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Independent Design Houses

Our independent design house (IDH) partners will help you expedite your product to market at any stage of its life cycle for a variety of applications.
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JSL Technology IO-Link

JSL Technology has partnered with Maxim to support software development for our IO-Link® devices.
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Solar Equipment Providers

Our solar equipment partners provide industry-leading products that feature our ground-breaking solar cell optimizers.
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Xilinx FPGA Power Technology

We have partnered with Xilinx to deliver power solutions for the latest Xilinx reference designs.
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