Design Partners

Our carefully selected design partners provide you with value-added products and services to help you quickly realize the benefit of using Maxim parts.

Medical Sensors

Maxim is working with world class partners for the bio sensing market providing hardware, software development tools and clinical trial data gathering. Maxim Bio Sensing developments and its partners are looking to address the healthcare market supporting predictive, continuous healthcare vital sign monitoring and is enabling a healthier world.

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Independent Design Houses

Our independent design house (IDH) partners will help you expedite your product to market at any stage of its life cycle for a variety of applications.

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Solar Equipment Providers

Our solar equipment partners provide industry-leading products that feature our ground-breaking solar cell optimizers.

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iButton Authorized Solution Developers

iButton® authorized solution developers (ASDs) create complete software and hardware solutions using iButton devices for many applications.

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FPGA Power Technology

We have partnered with Xilinx to deliver power solutions for the Kintex® Ultrascale and Virtex Ultrascale reference designs.

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