Go-IO Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Ultra-Portable IO On-the-Go

Industry convergence brings together industrial IoT, adaptive manufacturing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to enable the smart factory, also known as Industry 4.0. Together these four elements provide increased productivity and the agility needed to adapt the manufacturing line for multiple products without the need to stop production or schedule a technician to reconfigure equipment.

More and more companies are embracing the strategy of moving intelligence to the edge of the factory floor. The Go-IO PLC reference design provides multiple software-defined I/Os in an ultra-compact (less than 1 cubic inch) industrial IoT solution. This allows an unparalleled level of integration to address the needs of industrial automation, building automation, and industrial robotics applications. Go-IO continues our strong commitment to empowering design innovation by enabling design engineers to rapidly create and prototype new industrial control systems before they are sourced and built.

MAXREFDES212   Go-IO PLC Reference Design   Buy

Go-IO Sensors

IO-Link and Binary Sensors

MAXREFDES27 IO-Link Optical Proximity Sensor Buy
MAXREFDES37 IO-Link Quad Servo Driver Buy
MAXREFDES42 IO-Link RTD Temp Sensor Buy
MAXREFDES163 Industrial Magnetic Sensor Buy

End-Application Modules

MAXREFDES201 Motion Control Module Buy

Meet Go-IO

The Go-IO reference design (MAXREFDES212) is a next-generation industrial IO solution that increases productivity, furthers adaptive manufacturing, and provides machine-level health and status information for making critical, real-time decisions.

  • Compact Design
    Ultra-small, compact footprint (< 1 cubic inch: 1.7in.W x 1.56in.D x 0.25in.H) allows Go-IO to be integrated throughout the factory floor
  • Robust, Safe Technology
    Composed of advanced industrial products rated to withstand -40°C to +125°C, which leverage our robust, safe, fast de-mag technology
  • High Efficiency
    Ensures a small energy signature to increase efficiency—no cooling fan is needed
  • Packs a Powerful Punch
    Offers a full suite of 17 IOs to control an entire manufacturing node or piece of equipment, including isolated digital inputs, digital outputs, IO-Link masters, and isolated RS-485 with integrated power
  • Longer Battery Life
    The first compact, portable PLC platform that can operate for a minimum of 8 hours using "AAA" batteries or a minimum of 12 hours from LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries
  • Programmable
    Programmable via the MAX32630 using the low-power Arm® Micro toolchain with Windows or Mac OS
  • Intelligence and Decentralized Control
    Enables automation equipment to act autonomously based on changing environments—as issues are identified, equipment can reprogram itself to do another task
  • Productivity and Throughput Increases
    Enables higher factory uptime by supporting the ability to quickly isolate problems

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