FPGA Design Resources

As system complexity has increased, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) devices have become standard components in embedded designs. Maxim offers a diverse set of products to support the peripheral needs of FPGAs.

Maxim's power solutions provide support for the sophisticated power requirements of advanced FPGAs, including management of multiple rails. Maxim's interface products and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) complement FPGA-based systems with highly integrated solutions.

To explore how our products can help you build your FPGA-based design, peruse the resources listed below.

Application Notes

Our FPGA application notes contain a wealth of information to help you design with FPGAs.

FPGA-Related Products

Power Conversion
FPGAs require careful power management. In the case of FPGAs with multiple rails, each rail has its own voltage and power requirements. Maxim meets the power needs of today's FPGAs with our switching regulators, switching controllers, and power management ICs (PMICs). To aid in design:

The System Power tool in EE-Sim provides customized DC/DC and sequencer recommendations for your multi-rail, multi-load designs. Directly upload your XPE or EPE spreadsheet for fastest results.

Maxim provides evaluation kits and complete power circuits for FPGAs from select major manufacturers. View our FPGA power page.

Maxim power conversion products have been designed into many third-party FPGA development and reference boards.

Power Management
In addition to providing the necessary voltage rails, FPGA designers must ensure that the rails are properly synchronized and monitored for power faults. Maxim's programmable multichannel power management supervisors meet these design needs. Choose from a wide range of sequencers and voltage trackers.

Your FPGA design contains valuable intellectual property. We understand the need to keep it safe. Secure your design without sacrificing valuable FPGA logic and processing resources with Maxim's secure authenticators.

Pmod-Compatible Subsystem Reference Designs
Reduce time to market with drop-in Pmod-compatible subsystem reference designs that include lab-tested hardware, example programs, and drivers.

Prototyping Modules
Many FPGA prototyping module boards are available with standard Pmod pinouts. Maxim offers a set of Pmod-compatible plug-in peripheral modules with popular I/O functions, such as analog-to-digital conversion, digital-to-analog conversion, and RS-232 interfaces.

Port Expansion
I/O is frequently restricted on an FPGA design. Maxim's port expansion products offer an easy way to free up I/O on your FPGA without using valuable internal resources or additional pins.

For designs requiring analog-to-digital conversion, prototype with our Pmod modules and then choose the ideal solution from our wide selection of data converters.

In addition, Maxim's provides a selection of USB products to meet your needs for USB logic, switches, and power.

System Power Webinar: Greatly speed your FPGA and processor power designs