Design Technology

Design information and discussion about technologies that span a wide range of Maxim products.


Learn about the advantages of the single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) power converter architecture over traditional topologies.

nanoPower Technology

Lowering IQ is one of the best techniques for delivering the most efficient power and longest battery life to your designs.

MAXSafe Technology–Simplify Diagnostic Monitoring

MAXSafe™ technology is an integrated isolated micropower architecture developed with Maxim Integrated’s proprietary isolation technology. It provides an isolated DC-DC micropower which can power up in...

Remote Tuner Technology

Traditional automotive radio head units are complex, presenting significant design challenges. The head units must accommodate multiple tuners, requiring multiple cables from the antennas.


Industry convergence brings together industrial IoT, adaptive manufacturing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to enable the smart factory, also known as Industry 4.0.


Learn about the advantages of the ChipDNA embedded security PUF technology.

Ground and Layout for Board Designers

Board layout, component placement, and definition of a grounding pattern, can make a huge difference in the operation of your design. This document presents articles that will further your design layo...

Modern Switching Regulator Technology

Modern switching regulators have numerous advantages over older products due to process technology. Advantages include smaller footprint, cooler operation, higher efficiency.

Beyond-the-Rails Technology

Integrated circuit technology incorporates step-up and inverting power supplies to reduce the number of power rails within a design. Technology is called Beyond-the-Rails.

ModelGauge Battery Fuel Gauge Technology

ModelGauge battery fuel gauges algorithms provide the most accurate battery state-of-charge estimates available.