Design Technology

Design information and discussion about technologies that span a wide range of Maxim products.

FPGA Design Resources
Design ideas, tips, and products for FPGA designers

Ground and Layout for Board Designers
Refresh your knowledge of ground patterns, noise, and layout techniques to speed your board design

Design a Temperature Sensor Interface
Learn how to obtain accurate temperature readings from a thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor for use in your design.

ModelGauge Battery Fuel Gauge Technology
Learn how our patented ModelGauge™ fuel gauge algorithms provide the most accurate battery state-of-charge estimates for a wide range of applications.

nanoPower Technology
Lowering IQ is one of the best techniques for delivering the most efficient power and longest battery life to your designs.

Beyond-the-Rails Technology
Learn about the benefits of Beyond-the-Rails technology

Modern Switching Regulator Technology
Learn why it's important to select a modern switching regulator for your next design

Design a Pressure Sensor Interface
Learn how to obtain accurate readings from pressure sensors and strain gauges for use in your design.