Separate BSDL files are not available for Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs) since JTAG does not support it. For an MCM device, the BSDL files need to be called several times to check each of the die in the device. These BSDL files are in compliance with the IEEE 1149.1 specification.

BSDL files are available for the following products:

Part Number File Name Description Revison
DS21352 ds21352csbga.txt DS21352CSBGA BSDL Model 07/11/03
DS21352 ds21352.txt DS21352 BSDL Model 06/26/01
DS21354 ds21354csbga.txt DS21354CSBGA BSDL Model 07/11/03
DS21354 ds21354.txt DS21354 BSDL Model 06/26/01
DS21448 ds21448csbga.txt DS21448CSBGA BSDL Model 10/25/03
DS21448 ds21448lqfp.txt DS21448LQFP BSDL Model 10/25/03
DS21455 ds21455csbga.txt DS21455 BSDL Model 04/20/04
DS21458 ds21458csbga.txt DS21458 BSDL Model 04/20/04
DS2155 ds2155csbga.txt DS2155CSBGA BSDL Model 04/25/03
DS2155 ds2155lqfp.txt DS2155LQFP BSDL Model 06/16/08
DS21552 ds21552.txt DS21552 BSDL Model 06/26/01
DS21554 ds21554.txt DS21554 BSDL Model 06/26/01
DS2156 ds2156lqfp.txt DS2156LQFP BSDL Model 07/18/05
DS2156 ds2156csbga.txt DS2156CSBGA BSDL Model 07/19/05
DS21FF42 ds21q42.txt DS21Q42 BSDL Model 05/25/00
DS21FF44 ds21q44.txt DS21Q44 BSDL Model 06/12/99
DS21Q352 (9 KB) DS21Q352 BSDL Model 12/05/05
DS21Q354 DS21Q354 BSDL Model 12/05/05
DS21Q55 DS21Q55 BSDL Model 06/28/04
DS21Q552 DS21Q552 BSDL Model 12/05/05
DS21Q554 DS21Q554 BSDL Model 12/05/05
DS26102 ds26102.txt DS26102 BSDL Model 09/14/05
DS26303 ds26303_a3.txt DS26303 A3 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26303 ds26303.txt DS26303 BSDL Model 10/13/06
DS26303 ds26303_a2.txt DS26303 A2 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26324 ds26324.txt DS26324 A1 BSDL Model 06/10/05
DS26334 ds26334.txt DS26334 BSDL Model 10/16/06
DS26401 ds26401.txt DS26401 BSDL Model 11/27/00
DS26502 ds26502.txt DS26502 BSDL Model 09/08/05
DS26503 ds26503.txt DS26503 BSDL Model 09/08/05
DS26504 ds26504.txt DS26504 BSDL Model 09/08/05
DS26514 ds26514.bsdl (32 KB) DS26514 BSDL Model 01/21/09
DS26518 ds26518.txt DS26518 BSDL Model 01/21/09
DS26519 ds26519.txt DS26519 BSDL Model 11/30/06
DS26521 ds26521.txt DS26521 BSDL Model 08/30/06
DS26522 ds26522_d2_sct_bsdl.txt DS26522 BSDL Model
DS26522 ds26522_d1_sct_bsdl.txt DS26522 BSDL Model
DS26524 ds26524csbga.txt DS26524CSBGA BSDL Model 10/23/06
DS26528 ds26528lbga_a3.txt DS26528LBGA A3 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26528 ds26528lbga_a4.txt DS26528LBGA A4 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26528 ds26528csbga.txt DS26528CSBGA A2 BSDL Model 06/13/05
DS26528 ds26528csbga_a3.txt DS26528CSBGA A3 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26528 ds26528csbga_a4.txt DS26528CSBGA A4 BSDL Model 05/29/07
DS26528 ds26528lbga.txt DS26528LBGA A2 BSDL Model 06/13/05
DS26556 ds26556.txt DS26556 BSDL Model 09/14/05
DS26900 ds26900.txt DS26900 BSDL Model 10/15/07
DS3112 ds3112.txt DS3112 BSDL Model 03/10/02
DS31256 ds31256_b1.txt DS31256_B1 BSDL Model 10/28/02
DS31256 ds31256_b2.txt DS31256_B2 BSDL Model 10/28/02
DS31256 ds31256_b2v.txt DS31256_B2V BSDL Model 06/11/03
DS31256 ds31256.txt DS31256 BSDL Model 11/27/00
DS31256 ds31256_a2.txt DS31256_A2 BSDL Model 10/24/02
DS3131 ds3131.txt DS3131 BSDL Model 10/18/01
DS3134 ds3134.txt DS3134 BSDL Model 03/21/00
DS3141 ds3141.txt DS3141 BSDL Model 01/21/03
DS31412 ds31412.txt DS31412 BSDL Model 04/25/03
DS3142 ds3142.txt DS3142 BSDL Model 01/21/03
DS3143 ds3143.txt DS3143 BSDL Model 01/21/03
DS3144 ds3144.txt DS3144 BSDL Model 01/21/03
DS3146 ds3146.txt DS3146 BSDL Model 04/25/03
DS3148 ds3148.txt DS3148 BSDL Model 04/25/03
DS3151 ds3151_rev_a.txt DS3151 A BSDL Model 05/14/04
DS3151 ds3151_rev_b.txt DS3151 B BSDL Model 08/16/07
DS3151 ds3151_rev_b1.txt DS3151 B1 BSDL Model 02/24/04
DS3152 ds3152_rev_b.txt DS3152 B BSDL Model 08/16/07
DS3152 ds3152_rev_a.txt DS3152 A BSDL Model 05/14/04
DS3152 ds3152_rev_b1.txt DS3152 B1 BSDL Model 02/24/04
DS3153 ds3153_rev_b1.txt DS3153 B1 BSDL Model 02/24/04
DS3153 ds3153_rev_b.txt DS3153 B BSDL Model 08/16/07
DS3153 ds3153_rev_a.txt DS3153 A BSDL Model 05/14/04
DS3154 ds3154_rev_a.txt DS3154 A BSDL Model 05/14/04
DS3154 ds3154_rev_b.txt DS3154 B BSDL Model 08/16/07
DS3154 ds3154_rev_b1.txt DS3154 B1 BSDL Model 12/20/06
DS3160 ds3160.txt DS3160 BSDL Model 04/07/03
DS3161 ds3161.txt DS3161 A2 BSDL Model 06/10/05
DS31612 ds31612_bsdl.txt DS31612 BSDL Model 03/20/06
DS3162 ds3162.txt DS3162 A2 BSDL Model 06/10/05
DS3163 ds3163.txt DS3163 A2 BSDL Model 06/10/05
DS3164 ds3164.txt DS3164 A2 BSDL Model 06/10/05
DS3166 ds3166_bsdl.txt DS3166 BSDL Model 03/20/06
DS3168 ds3168_bsdl.txt DS3168 BSDL Model 03/20/06
DS3170 ds3170.txt DS3170 A1 BSDL Model 06/13/05
DS3171 ds3171.txt DS3171 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3172 ds3172.txt DS3172 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3173 ds3173.txt DS3173 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3174 ds3174.txt DS3174 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3182 ds3182.txt DS3182 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3183 ds3183.txt DS3183 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS3184 ds3184.txt DS3184 A2 BSDL Model 06/07/05
DS32506 ds32506.txt DS32506 BSDL Model 06/01/06
DS32508 ds32508_bsdl.txt DS32508 BSDL Model 10/19/05
DS3251 ds3251.txt DS3251 BSDL Model 07/19/05
DS32512 ds32512.txt DS32512 BSDL Model 06/01/06
DS3252 ds3252.txt DS3252 BSDL Model 07/19/05
DS3253 ds3253.txt DS3253 BSDL Model 07/19/05
DS3254 ds3254.txt DS3254 BSDL Model 07/19/05
DS33W11 ds33w11_bsdl.txt DS33W11 BSDL Model
DS33W41 ds33w41_bsdl.txt DS33W41 BSDL Model
DS33X11 ds33x11_256_bsdl.txt DS33X11_256 BSDL Model
DS33X11 ds33x11_144_bsdl.txt DS33X11_144 BSDL Model
DS33X161 ds33x161_bsdl.txt DS33X161 BSDL Model
DS33X162 ds33x162_bsdl.txt DS33X162 BSDL Model
DS33X41 ds33x41_bsdl.txt DS33X41 BSDL Model
DS33X42 ds33x42_bsdl.txt DS33X42 BSDL Model
DS33X81 ds33x81_bsdl.txt DS33X81 BSDL Model
DS33X82 ds33x82_bsdl.txt DS33X82 BSDL Model
DS33Z11 ds33z11_bsdl.txt DS33Z11 BSDL Model 09/28/06
DS33Z41 ds33z41_bsdl.txt DS33Z41 BSDL Model 09/28/06
DS33Z44 ds33z44_bsdl.txt DS33Z44 BSDL Model 09/28/06
DS34S101 ds34s101.bsdl (53 KB) DS34S101 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34S102 ds34s102.bsdl (54 KB) DS34S102 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34S104 ds34s104.bsdl DS34S104 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34S108 ds34s108.bsdl DS34S108 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34S132 ds34s132.bsdl DS34S132 BSDL Model
DS34S132 ds34s132a2.bsdl DS34S132 A2 BSDL Model 07/20/11
DS34T101 ds34t101.bsdl DS34T101 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34T102 ds34t102.bsdl DS34T102 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34T104 ds34t104.bsdl DS34T104 BSDL Model 04/19/10
DS34T108 ds34t108.bsdl DS34T108 BSDL Model 04/19/10
MAX16031 max16031.bsd MAX16031 BSDL Model
MAX16046 max16046_tqfp.bsd MAX16046 TQFP BSDL Model
MAX16046 max16046_tqfn.bsd MAX16046 TQFN BSDL Model
MAX16065 max16065.bsd MAX16065 BSDL Model 01/14/10
MAX16066 max16066.bsd MAX16066 BSDL Model 01/14/10
MAX16067 max16067.bsd MAX16067 BSDL Model 01/14/10
MAX16068 max16068.bsd MAX16068 BSDL Model 01/14/10
MAX16070 max16070.bsd MAX16070 BSDL Model 01/14/10
MAX16071 max16071.bsd MAX16071 BSDL Model 01/14/10