EE-Sim Design Generation and Simulation Environment

Design Smarter, Not Harder

Want to work through design equations in seconds rather than hours? What if your schematic came with customized recommendations from a database of real capacitors, inductors, and other components? Does customizing your plots and reports with a few mouse clicks sound good? The EE-Sim® Tool Suite delivers these benefits, and many more.

Available Online Design Tools

  • DC-DC Converter: advanced features enable every engineer to design a better power supply with confidence and speed
  • System Power: easily select and design power ICs for FPGAs, SOCs, and other multi-rail designs
  • PLL/VCO: explore, design, and analyze MAX2870 circuits
  • Filters: create and simulate Bessel, Butterworth, and Elliptic lowpass filters with our switched cap filter ICs

Download EE-Sim SE

EE-Sim SE (Simulation Engines) extends the EE-Sim Tool Suite's power offline by providing:
  • A schematic editor to add or remove circuit components
  • The SIMPLIS simulator which delivers exceptional performance for switching circuits
  • The SIMetrix SPICE simulator, known for its superior convergence properties
  • Download EE-Sim SE now (log in required, see log in status above)

Help and Information

Visit the EE-Sim Resources page for links to the User Manual, a video overview, and instructive tutorial videos.

Enhancements to EE-Sim DC-DC Converter Design Tool (V2)

  • Control the trade-off between size, efficiency, and cost
  • Recalculate compensation after component changes
  • Set component derating values
  • Perform efficiency calculations
  • Calculate component power dissipation
  • Simulate user defined line transients
  • Simulate AC and Steady State with user defined line and load settings
  • Compare two designs
  • Create custom user plots and reports
  • Export schematic, BOM, and plots in multiple file formats


Award-Winning Tool

2018 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist—Design Hardware & Software

2017 CEM Editors’ Choice Award