EE-Sim OASIS Simulation Tool

(Offline Analog Simulator Including SIMPLIS)

To enable engineers to quickly and accurately simulate their circuit designs, Maxim offers the EE-Sim® OASIS Simulation Tool. It includes both the SIMPLIS® simulation engine, which is the industry’s leading simulator for switched-mode power ICs, and the SIMetrix SPICE simulation engine, known for its robust and speedy convergence.

  • Run simulations "off-line" (without an internet connection)
  • Add* or move components using the full featured schematic editor
  • Start with ready-to-go schematics, or create a custom design using the online EE-Sim Design Tool.

Download EE-Sim OASIS Simulator

(Version 8.4K, 233MB)

Use the link above to install the OASIS Simulator for the first time. If the simulator is already installed, simply go to the Help menu and click on “Check for Updates” to access the newest version.

What is SIMPLIS?

SIMPLIS (SIMulation of Piecewise LInear Systems) is a circuit simulator specifically designed to handle the simulation challenges of switching power systems. Like SPICE, SIMPLIS works at the component level but typically can perform a transient analysis of a switching circuit 10 to 50 times faster. For switching power systems, the piecewise linear (PWL) modeling and simulation techniques employed by SIMPLIS result in qualitatively superior convergence behavior compared to SPICE. Learn more ›

What is SIMetrix?

SIMetrix is a general analog and mixed-signal simulator. It includes an enhanced SPICE simulator, schematic editor and waveform viewer in a unified environment. It is easy to use, offers good accuracy and performance, and rapid convergence for a broad range of analog and mixed-signal design applications. Learn more ›

*This free tool restricts the circuit size that may be simulated, but the limits are generous enough to allow for real work.

How to Get Started Using the EE-SIM OASIS Simulation Tool to Accurately Simulate Your Circuit Designs
4:56 July 11, 2019

EE-Sim OASIS Simulation Tool