EE-Sim Resources

Use the resources below to leverage EE-Sim features and achieve a successful design more quickly. Visit the EE-Sim® Design and Simulation Tool home page to launch the tool

User Manual

EE-Sim User Manual (PDF)
This User Manual contains detailed instructions for using EE-Sim, Maxim's online tool that enables you to design and simulate a variety of analog and power solutions.

EE-Sim DC-DC Tool Overview (9:27)
See a demonstration of the most commonly used functionality in EE-Sim. Includes opening a new DC-DC design, changing design requirements, creating a schematic, running simulations, comparing designs, and generating a report.

Opening a Design (3:26)
Open a new DC-DC design using either the part selection trees or the parametric search tool. Also open your own saved designs, or Maxim Designs that have been built and tested in our labs.

Design Requirements (2:21)
How to set the Design Requirement specifications and create a schematic.

Design Tradeoffs (2:36)
Prioritize the design size, efficiency, or BOM cost based on your design needs. Learn how this selection is implemented in your schematic.

Simulation (2:47)
Use the Simulation Setup Window to run up to six simulation types. If desired, customize a variety of simulation settings. Places to access the resulting waveforms.

Working with Components (2:55)
Review the manufacturer, part number, and key properties for each recommended component in your schematic. Select a different component, or define your own component. How ceramic capacitor performance is derated, and why that is important.

Webscope Waveform Viewer (3:03)
Customize the display of simulation waveforms for optimal analysis. Configurable parameters include signal color, order, and grouping; axis scaling, placement, and synchronization; marker quantity and labels; auto and manual zoom; and formats for saving data.

Sharing EE-Sim Designs (3:39)
Learn three different ways to share designs with your contacts. Sharing designs is fast, simple, and flexible thanks to the cloud-based nature of EE-Sim.

How to Get Started Using the EE-SIM OASIS Simulation Tool to Accurately Simulate Your Circuit Designs (4:56)
Learn how to simulate a switching power circuit using the EE-Sim® OASIS Tool. Built on the SIMPLIS® simulation engine, the OASIS simulator for switched-mode power ICs provides over 150 power reference designs, which are ready to copy, modify, and simulate.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of Applications Engineers are available to answer EE-Sim questions via email or phone. We respond to every customer request.