EE-Sim Resources

Use the resources below to leverage EE-Sim features and achieve a successful design more quickly. Visit the EE-Sim® Design and Simulation Tool home page to launch the tool

User Manual

EE-Sim User Manual (PDF)
This User Manual contains detailed instructions for using EE-Sim, Maxim's online tool that enables you to design and simulate a variety of analog and power solutions.

How to Videos

How to Analyze the Duty Cycle of a Converter Using OASIS
8:18 April 16, 2021

SIMPLIS versus SPICE: Which is Better for Switching Power Conversion Simulation?
5:37 January 27, 2021

How to Use OASIS to Correlate Bench Measurements with Simulations
7:29 January 27, 2021

Case Study: Design and Optimize Your Power Supply in Under an Hour
40:15 January 15, 2021

How to Use Simple Tips and Tricks to Simulate Most Effectively in EE-Sim OASIS
8:17 January 14, 2021

EE-Sim DC-DC Tool Overview
8:39 November 20, 2020

How to Get Started Using the EE-SIM OASIS Simulation Tool to Accurately Simulate Your Circuit Designs
4:56 July 11, 2019

No More Fuss with Equations: Create a Working Design with EE-Sim®
4:47 January 10, 2019

How to Design a Power Supply in Five Minutes or Less with the EE-Sim® Design Tool
6:28 May 26, 2018

EE-Sim Webscope Waveform Viewer
3:03 January 10, 2017

EE-Sim Sharing Designs
3:39 January 05, 2017

EE-Sim Simulation
2:47 March 04, 2016

EE-Sim Working with Components
2:55 March 04, 2016

EE-Sim Design Tradeoffs
2:36 March 01, 2016

EE-Sim Opening a Design
3:45 February 17, 2016

EE-Sim Design Requirements
2:06 February 17, 2016

Rapid Power Design for Every Designer
8:39 August 24, 2021

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of Applications Engineers are available to answer EE-Sim questions via email or phone. We respond to every customer request.