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Analog Design Calculators DACs, ADCs, Digital Potentiometers, Voltage References, and more
  • Tutorials 5063: Statistical Process Control Calculator Tutorial 
  • Tutorials 5062: Bandgap Reference Calculator Tutorial  
  • Tutorials 5061: Effective Number of Bits Calculator Tutorial  
  • Tutorials 5060: ADC/DAC Accuracy Calculator Tutorial  
  • Tutorials 5059: Thermal Noise Calculator Tutorial 
  • Arrhenius/FIT Rate Calculator Failure in time calculation. Measures failure rate in 109 device hours.  
    Calculating Substance Level Parts Per Million The weight of a constituent (e.g., lead) in the product divided by the unit weight of the product. Multiply the outcome by 1,000,000.  
    Coherent Sampling Calculator  
  • Application Note 3190: Coherent Sampling Calculator (CSC)  
  • Energy Cost Calculator  
  • Tutorials 4448: Calculating Energy Usage: How Costs Drive Conservation  
  • ISM-RF Baseband Calculator (XLS, 202kB) Can be used to calculate the filter capacitor values and the data slicer RC components of an application design, while providing a visual example of the baseband signals.
  • Tutorials 5426: Baseband Calculations for ISM-RF Receivers   
  • ISM-RF Crystal Calculator (XLS, 382kB) Can be used to determine crystal startup capability, component selection, frequency tuning, and a number of other dynamic aspects of application design.
  • Tutorials 5422: Crystal Calculations for ISM-RF Products   
  • Jitter Calculator    
    Linear Pot to Log Pot Converter
    (ZIP, 236kB)
    LTPD Calculator Provides the Lot Tolerance Percent Defective.  
    PPM Calculator Provides the Defective Part Per Million for user selected confidence interval.