Right Click on Each File Link and Save Locally

Get Java Runtime

  1. From this page: Click the 'Download' button under the heading "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6"

  2. Accept license at the top of the page

  3. Select 'Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language (jre-6-windows-i586-p.exe 12.56 MB)' and download the install file
You now have all of the files needed for installation of the OneWireViewer on a PC without Internet connection. The files can be saved to a CD.


  1. Create the folder C:owv

  2. Run the Windows 1-Wire drivers installation: install_1_wire_drivers_v400.msi

    Warning: Do not install the COM object if you do not have the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (now unsupported by Microsoft) installed on your system. To avoid installing the COM object, de-select it when prompted during the installation process.

  3. Run the Java™ installation: jre-6-windows-i586-p.exe

  4. Copy *.jar files to the folder c:owv

Two Methods for Running the OneWireViewer

   Creating a Shortcut to Run the OneWireViewer
  1. Create a shortcut on your Desktop

  2. In the command line, paste the following:
    java -classpath C:owvjava -cp
    "OneWireViewer.jar;OneWireAPI.jar" OneWireViewer

  3. Type in the name: OneWireViewer

  4. Then click the Finish button

  5. To run the OneWireViewer, double click the shortcut named OneWireViewer
   Running from the Command Line
  1. Type the following in the owv directory:
    c:owv>java -classpath
    OneWireViewer.jar;OneWireAPI.jar;. OneWireViewer