The 1-Wire® API for Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is a robust, highly object-oriented foundation for building 1-Wire applications in Java. With this SDK, programmers can develop portable, cross-platform software and shorten the time to market for their products.

The API consists of many Java classes and interfaces. Two special classes should be noted: the DSPortAdapter class, and the OneWireContainer class. The DSPortAdapter class represents a physical 1-Wire adapter or a virtual 1-Wire adapter through a TCP/IP network. The OneWireContainer classes (e.g., containers) support specific 1-Wire devices, including iButtons. The API has 34 different container types, representing most 1-Wire devices; each container encapsulates and implements the functionality of an individual device. To download the latest 1-Wire API for Java SDK, please see the following link:

Download Version 1.2 (Supports DS1925)

Download Addendum (Now supports 64-bit JNI!)

What's New in Version 1.2

The following list highlights the most significant additions to the 1-Wire API for Java:

OneWireAPI (New Classes)
OneWireViewer (New Viewer)
OneWireContainer53 (DS1925 Container) Highlights