Because iButtons use the company's 1-Wire protocol, the hardware needed for communicating with an iButton is inexpensive. All the hardware below helps facilitate communication with iButtons, from PCs and PDAs to microprocessors and embedded systems.

Blue Dot™ Receptor (iButton Touch-and-Hold Reader/Probe)

Known as "Blue Dots," these popular iButton readers contain two electrical contact areas for iButtons. Either simply touch the iButtons to the reader for momentary contact, or with an extra push, snap the iButton into place where it will be held for dwelled contact. When plugged into a 1-Wire port adapter (USB, serial, or parallel), Blue Dots provide an electrical interface for iButton communications through a PC or other computing environment.
Two Blue Dots models are now available:
  • DS1402D-DR8 This is the most popular Blue Dot as it contains a male RJ-11 plug at the other end of the cable. It can be plugged into the DS9490R USB adapters and all the DS9097U-XXX serial-port adapters.
  • DS1402D-DB8 This Blue Dot contains an empty iButton "can" (also known as a "port"—see below) connected to the other end of the cable. You can plug this can/port into the DS1410E-001 parallel-port adapter.

Other Readers/Probes

DS9092GT Two other probes are available for communicating with iButtons through our adapters. The DS9092GT is a Handheld Touch Probe with tactile feedback. It can be connected to either the DS9490R USB port adapter or the DS9097U-XXX serial-port adapters.

DS1402 The DS1402-RP8 and DS1402-BP8 are Touch-and-Hold Probes that allow you to just touch an iButton or to snap it in place for hands-free operation. The DS1402-RP8 works with the serial-port adapters, while the DS1402-BP8 works with the parallel-port adapter. The DS1404 is a Touch-and-Hold Probe Cradle designed to hold either the RP8 or BP8 probe. DS1404

Embedded Systems Probes

Many products use iButtons for access control, data collection or authorization. These devices, such as door locks, vending machines, parking meters, etc., need a 1-Wire probe (and optionally a port) for communicating to iButtons. For this reason we designed several probes and ports so you can easily build a 1-Wire interface directly to your embedded systems.
DS9092 DS9092T DS9092L
9092 9092T 9092L
The DS9092, DS9092T, and DS9092L are panel-mount Touch Probes pre-wired for easy installation. The DS9092T has tactile feedback for better feel, while the DS9092L is a durable probe essential for outdoor use. The DS9092L also comes with a green LED for directing users where to touch.

Building Your Own 1-Wire Probe

Perhaps you want to build your own 1-Wire probes. We offer several probe component parts to help you.
DS9100A DS9100C
9100A 9100C
The DS9100x parts let you build your own Touch-and-Hold Probe. The DS9100A, and DS9100C, the parts used to make the company's DS1402-RP8 and BP8 probes, can be soldered directly to a printed-circuit board to create your touch-and-hold probe. The probe's wiring gives you the option of soldering a "port" to the other end. A "port," such as the DS9092R pictured below, is an empty iButton "can" with tabs that facilitate soldering to cable wires. A probe connected by a cable to a port can be plugged into certain models of 1-Wire adapters, such as the DS1410E parallel-port adapter. The DS9092RG is a grooved port that facilitates plugging into Blue Dots.
We also offer the component parts of the Blue Dot receptor. The DS1402D-41 is the subassembly for the spring-mounted iButton Blue Dot Receptor found in the DS1402D-DR8 and DS1402D-DB8. The DS1402D-41 can be easily integrated into any product to give the product a touch and hold iButton probe for communicating with iButtons.


Blue Dot
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