Supplemental EV Kit Software

Part Number File Name Description (17 MB)
&NBSP (328 KB) HFRD-32.0 Quad-SFP Host Board Software<br>This evaluation software is to be used with the HFRD-32.0 reference design.
&NBSP (284 KB) HFRD-26.0 GEPON SFF Host Board Software<br>This evaluation software provides a simple USB interface for control and monitoring of the HFRD-26.0 GEPON SFF Host Board.
78M6613-SP-1 (4 MB) 78M6613 HPL Evaluation Kit Contents
78M6631 (7 MB) 78M6631 IND3P Software Development Kit
MAX115EVKIT,MAX115,MAX125EVKIT 68hcmod16wide.pdf (156 KB) 68HCMOD16WIDE Supporting Documents
MAX1202EVKIT,MAX1241EVKIT,MAX1110EVKIT,MAX1403EVSYSTEM,MXB7846EVC16,MAX1246EVKIT,MAX1117EVSYS 68l11module.pdf 68L11MODULE Supporting Documents
MAX1403EVSYSTEM,MAX1117EVSYS,MXB7846EVC16 max1403evsystem.pdf MAX1403EVSYSTEM Support Files
MAX146EVKIT,MAX478,80C32MODULE,MAX186EVKIT,MAX110EVC32,MAX197EVKIT 80c32module.pdf (458 KB) 80C32MODULE Supporting Documents