Soundmatters: Producing World-Class Sound from Ultra-Compact Audio Systems

Founded in 1998 as an audio research and development company, Soundmatters is now a leading developer of innovative, high-performance, and ultra-compact audio systems. The company has built its reputation on its groundbreaking designs that deliver world-class sound in the smallest sizes possible. Its portfolio includes the Dash7 portable speaker, the FOXLV2.2 Series personal studio monitor, and the FOXLO palm-sized powered subwoofer.

Henry is an acoustic engineer at Soundmatters, where every speaker design, from scratch components to the complete transducer to the whole sound system, includes electronic modules. He notes, “Meaningful acoustic measurement is important to understand speaker behavior and to make high-quality, differentiated products—that’s in our Soundmatters DNA. The continued research we conduct makes Soundmatters exciting.”

According to Henry, Soundmatters’s patented speaker technology sets it apart from all the others. He explained, “We design smaller, greener, with more accuracy, and with high musical quality. Our solutions are design-oriented and user friendly. Over the years, we have worked with many famous industrial designers to enhance our whole product design.”


  • Create powerful yet slim, small, and light audio products



  • 20% shorter design cycle anticipated for new speaker product
  • 20% smaller form factor anticipated for new speaker product

Soundmatters’s Soundmatters’s Dash7 portable speaker is part of the company’s portfolio of high-quality, ultra-small audio systems.


Since Soundmatters focuses on “green” speaker design, its engineers aim to create audio products that are powerful yet smaller, slimmer, and lighter with fewer materials. Based on this, the company needs underlying ICs that align with these goals. “Material research is always our turnkey solution to solve the problem of size and weights,” Henry said. “And now, we are looking into active and passive components in our mechanical and electrical solution to increase the possibilities.”

Solution and Benefits

On the electrical side, Soundmatters evaluated audio ICs from various suppliers and is testing Maxim Integrated's MAX98390 boosted Class D amplifier with integrated Dynamic Speaker Management™ (DSM) technology in a new speaker product. The device’s integrated I/V sense and DSM result in louder, fuller audio, while also protecting the speaker from damage.

“During the R&D phase, Maxim Integrated has provided a friendly user interface and clear operating steps for the MAX98390. As we experiment with speaker sound using the MAX98390, we can quickly know the possible sound effects of the final product,” Henry noted.

Soundmatters anticipates a roughly 20% shorter design cycle and an approximately 20% smaller form factor for its new speaker product. As the company finalizes its product, it hopes to evaluate more Maxim Integrated audio ICs for its future offerings.