HollySys: Delivering Small, Efficient Industrial Automation Solutions

HollySys is a leading automation and IT solutions provider with more than 60 offices across the Asia Pacific and other regions. At the company’s R&D center and engineering service base, engineers develop industrial automation products such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCSs). They also conduct research into embedded computing platforms, industrial networks, and large-scale configuration software. In addition, the team conducts application research and service of automation system equipment and performs control system optimization.

HollySys Industrial Automation Products HollySys is one of Asia’s leading automation and IT solutions providers. One of its product areas is industrial automation products like PLCs.


With industrial automation equipment such as PLCs continuing to get smaller and more intelligent, it has become important for HollySys to use industrial communications and industrial power ICs that meet the space-constrained demands of its designs. For its PLC and motion control products, for example, important selection criteria include:

  • Small size and high level of integration
  • Well-supported products with long lifecycles and reliable availability
  • A good cost/performance balance

Solution and Benefits

To meet its requirements, HollySys is using a variety of Maxim industrial communications and industrial power ICs in its products. Mr. Xia Xianqiu, R&D manager at the company’s R&D center, highlighted some of the ICs being used:

  • MAX14912 octal high-speed, high-side switch/push-pull driver octal high-speed, high-side switch/push-pull driver.
  • MAX22190 octal industrial digital input with diagnostics octal industrial digital input with diagnostics.
  • MAX14931 4-channel digital isolator 4-channel digital isolator, which he noted delivers high speed and performance.
  • MAX17503 high-efficiency, synchronous step-down converter with internal compensation
  • MAX3042 5V quad RS-485/RS-422 transmitter high-efficiency, synchronous step-down converter with internal compensation. Mr. Xia highlighted this IC’s high performance, high level of integration, and ease of design.
  • MAX3094E rugged, low-power, quad RS-422/RS-485 receivers with ESD protection rugged, low-power, quad RS-422/RS-485 receivers with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.
  • MAX6071 low-noise, high-precision voltage reference low-noise, high-precision voltage reference. He noted that this IC has very good performance, requires few components, and is easy to design with.
  • MAX14783E high-speed, dual-voltage RS-485/RS-422 transceiver, which he said provides very full protection and can be used in extreme voltage systems.
  • MAX14945 isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver, which provides 2.75kVRMS of galvanic isolation between the cable side and the UART side of the device and, thus, allows for robust communication at any speed up to 500kbps. According to Mr. Xia, this device provides better performance than ICs from competitors.

With these Maxim ICs, HollySys has been able to create solutions that allow its customers to reduce their solution sizes by about one-third and their design cycles also by about one-third, according to Mr. Xia. “Our purpose is to make our customers’ products more integrated, which is their trend,” Mr. Xia noted. “Maxim’s digital input, for example, is more integrated, which can make our customers’ products smaller and more efficient.”

The company is continuing to evaluate other small, low-power, and highly integrated Maxim ICs for its design needs and is looking forward to continued innovations.