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Keep Perishables Safe with Reliable Temperature Monitoring

November 07, 2019

Venkatesh Karra  By: Venkatesh Karra
 Member of the Technical Staff, Applications, Maxim Integrated 

Accurate, reliable temperature monitoring is key to keeping perishables such as food and pharmaceuticals safe. Thermochrons are cool iButton® devices. They can efficiently log temperature in harsh environments and store the readings in protected memory. The stainless steel enclosure makes the thermochron physically robust.

Maxim's latest thermochron, the DS1925, has one exceptional feature that makes it stand out from the rest: data protection technology that prevents data loss even in the face of unexpected environmental or electrical events.

What could you do with a thermochron that never forgets? Watch my video, "How to Get Started Logging Temperature with DS1925 iButton Temperature Data Logger" to learn more!