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Modular System Speeds Up IoT Design Cycle

November 09, 2017

November 9, 2017

Christine Young By: Christine Young
Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

At Arm® TechCon late last month, the talk was all about the internet of things (IoT), namely Arm's progression toward delivering one trillion chips for the IoT over the next 20 years. Indeed, Gartner projects that by the end of this year, there will already be 8.4 billion connected devices in use in the world.

So, the race is on to create unique things that will, hopefully, solve some real problems.

The challenge is, IoT devices often must be semi-customized or customized completely, based on the end market. And time to market and development cost are important considerations that can run counter to the need for customization.

Tecnofingers (TNFG), based in Valencia, Spain, has a solution: its modular system that enables electronic designers to quickly build, design, and test their products. "Using our revolutionary system, designers can meet their needs in the shortest time, while eliminating flaws or the need to design hardware and software from scratch before their final design is approved," said Pedro Pelaez, the company’s technical director.

The system consists of a large selection of ready-to-use components, including motherboards, processor cores, and various functional modules. Said Pelaez, "Like Legos, you can select the modules easily. Once you've done the first product, you can reproduce it in volume."

To create its modular system, which is only 5mm to 10mm in thickness, TNFG needed very small ICs. The company found what it needed from Maxim, utilizing components including the MAX30101 pulse oximeter and heart-rate sensor, the MAX44005 RGB color, temperature, and infrared proximity sensor, MAX8814 28V linear Li+ battery charger, voltage regulators, and optical bio analog front-end ICs. To learn how TNFG solved its design challenges with these ICs, read the full TNFG testimonial.  

UOMIC power management IC

TNFG's UOMIC power management IC is ideal for multiple applications