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How to Safely Demagnetize Your Inductor When Using Switching Inductive Loads

October 03, 2019

Andrew Escamilla  By: Andrew Escamilla
 Associate Business Manager, Industrial Communications, Maxim Integrated 

For many industrial applications, engineers use a high-side switch to control the inductive load. The challenge lies in discharging the energy in the inductor when the switch opens and the current is no longer sourced to the load. If the energy isn’t discharged correctly, this could lead to a variety of negative effects, such as potential arcing of relay contacts, big negative voltage spikes that could damage sensitive ICs, and the generation of high-frequency noise or EMI that can hamper system performance.

Maxim has implemented a new architecture called safe demagnetization (SafeDemag) in its MAX14912, MAX14913, and MAX14914 octal high-speed switch products. Working with the fast demag circuitry, SafeDemag allows the MAX14912, MAX14913, and MAX14914 to safely turn off loads with unlimited inductance.

Watch this video to learn how these ICs can safely handle 24V DC loads of "unlimited inductance" using our patented SafeDemag feature.

How to Safely Demagnetize Your Inductive Load Using SafeDemag
6:52 August 06, 2019

For a more in-depth understanding, read this application note, Switching Inductive Loads with Safe Demagnetization.