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How Signal-Chain ICs Form Foundation for Smart-Grid Equipment

July 9, 2020

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

One of the top smart-grid equipment suppliers in China, Beijing Sifang Automation develops solutions for power system automation, relay protection, power system security and stability control, HVDC transmission control, dispatching automation, distribution automation, power simulation, and rail transportation for electric power system and related industries, including petrochemical, coal, and metallurgy.

The company's power-grid protection products have circuits with low, medium, and high voltages. Since the equipment is expected to operate continuously for up to 15 years (with some technology upgrades), the equipment requires high-quality semiconductors with long lifecycles. Performance and cost of the semiconductors are also important.

Sifang has been working with Maxim for more than 15 years. Inside its power-grid protection solutions is an array of Maxim signal-chain products:

Said Mr. Chen Qiurong, senior manager of Hardware R&D at the company: "We benefit from the quality of the signal-chain products as well as Maxim's reliability as a supplier."

Learn more about the company and its evaluation of Maxim signal-chain ICs by reading the Beijing Sifang Automation customer testimonial.

Beijing Sifang Automation is one of China's top smart-grid equipment suppliers.Beijing Sifang Automation is one of China's top smart-grid equipment suppliers.