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Got an IoT Design Idea? Enter Our Contest

April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018

Christine Young By: Christine Young
Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

The internet of things (IoT) shows its worth when a smart, connected device helps solve a problem in a new and better way, makes something easier and more convenient to do, or gives us greater insight. Do you have such an idea? Enter our contest on You could take home a Microsoft HoloLens—and have an opportunity to prototype your concept.

Our latest design contest is based on the MAX32620FTHR rapid development platform. This compact board lets you quickly implement portable, function-rich, battery-optimized solutions based on the MAX32620 Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller with floating-point unit. The board includes:

  • The MAX77650 ultra-low-power PMIC featuring single-inductor, multiple-output (SIMO) technology and highly integrated battery charging and power supply. This SIMO buck-boost regulator is ideal for low-power wearable applications where size and efficiency are essential. A 150mA LDO provides ripple rejection for audio and other noise-sensitive applications.
  • The MAX17055 fuel gauge with ModelGauge™ m5 EZ algorithm, which provides high accuracy without battery characterization, as well as the industry’s lowest quiescent current. This 7µA 1-cell fuel gauge combines the short-term accuracy and linearity of a coulomb counter with the long-term stability of a voltage-based fuel gauge.

The MAX32620FTHR can be a strong foundation for many smart solutions. By entering the design contest, you gain a chance to win one of these boards. You can also buy your own MAX32620FTHR from the Maxim website for $20.

MAX32620FTHR rapid development platform

MAX32620FTHR rapid development platform

Contest Categories Seeking Your Creativity

To enter the contest, submit a written proposal outlining your design idea in one of these categories by the May 12 deadline:

  • Sports and Fashion: Create technology that redefines fashion, delivers the next must-have product in sporting wearables, or delivers another unique experience
  • Smarter Planet: Share a new way to address the impact of climate change, make your city more livable, or help grow enough food to feed everyone on the planet
  • Personal Safety Monitoring: Help those with limited mobility move about with confidence, design a device that keeps tabs on pets, or create something that assures loved ones are safe
  • Home Control: Submit ideas to make devices and systems used in the home smarter, safer, and greener

After reviewing the written proposals, our judges will award a minimum of 50 MAX32620FTHR boards to the top entrants with the most innovative and scalable ideas. These top contestants will then move to the next phase of the contest: using the board to create a design prototype featuring their concept. These competitors will compete for one of several prizes for their category and the grand prize, the Microsoft HoloLens.

Get details about the design contest and submit your proposal here.