Reduce Calibration Costs for Industrial Process Control

April 20, 2017

Reno Rossetti By: Reno Rossetti
Principal Writer, Maxim Integrated

Electronic instrumentation is behind the accurate, stable measurements that control processes in large industrial plants. However, there are a variety of environmental and application-related factors that impact stability, from fluctuating temperatures and humidity to harsh manufacturing conditions and elapsed time. Read More ›

Why Camera Interfaces Are Critical to ADAS System Design

April 18, 2017

Jim Harrison By: Jim Harrison
Guest Blogger, Lincoln Technology Communications

The car is quickly being changed into a securely connected self-driving robot with the capacity to sense the environment, think about it, and then act autonomously. And perhaps changing even more quickly are small autonomous public vehicles — taxis/ride shares and buses that will take us where we want to go from mass transit stops (the last mile) or within a downtown or office campus area. Read More ›

A Look at the Future of Wearable Healthcare Design

April 13, 2017

Andrew Baker By: Andrew Baker
Executive Director for Industrial and Healthcare Products, Maxim Integrated

andrew baker discusses Maxim's bio sensor technologies at 
CROI in Seattle.

At the recent Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Seattle, I had the pleasure of meeting with several doctors and clinicians for a very fruitful talk. More significantly, I left our discussion with their validation that the technology behind Maxim’s bio-sensor technologies would be useful in clinical settings, providing the foundation for relatively inexpensive ways to monitor vital signs. Maxim’s hSensor Platform is an example of the enabling technologies that we are developing. Read More ›

Get Longer Battery Life By Lowering Quiescent Current

April 11, 2017

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

Apsara Ravish-Suvarna, Joe Van, and Arjunsimha Chaturbhuj are the brains behind the MAX17222

Whether you’re listening to tunes on your earbuds or tracking physical activity during a week-long bike trip, you don’t want to have to constantly charge your device. That’s one of the driving factors behind Maxim’s nanoPower circuits. Keeping quiescent current low in power management as well as system monitoring circuits helps extend battery life in the end device. Read More ›

How Factory Automation Can Support Reshoring

April 6, 2017

By: Jeff DeAngelis
Managing Director of Business Management, Maxim Integrated

Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Once a basic building block of the U.S. economy, manufacturing has been lost for far too long. But the industrial internet of things (IIoT) brings hope as smart factories could make local manufacturing cost-effective once again.

According to the Reshoring Initiative, the US alone has lost, on average, 220,000 manufacturing jobs per year. This equates to roughly three to four million manufacturing jobs lost to offshoring initiatives since 2000.Read More ›

Don’t Become the Next Hacking Headline

April 4, 2017

Kris Ardis  By: Kris Ardis
 Executive Director, Micros & Security Business Unit,  Maxim Integrated 

jacquard loom

From all of the headlines we continue to read, it’s clear that connected, embedded devices need built-in security. As sensors in internet of things (IoT) products continually gather valuable data that we use for decision-making or for machine-learning, we have to trust the root data being used. Similarly, distributed actuators need to be able to trust the commands that they receive. Read More ›

Why Powerline Communications is Great for Noisy Industrial Environments

March 30, 2017

Jim Harrison By: Jim Harrison
Guest Blogger, Lincoln Technology Communications

 Narrowband OFDM Powerline Communication Modem max79356 ev kit

One thing that seems to happen over and over in our industry is the emergence of a new product area that makes a big splash on the engineering scene and then languishes in a dark, dry corner for years. The technology sounded so good! A wonderful thing we could use to revolutionize our products. Then the technology languishes and hangs around for some years with a few companies offering some new versions. But, it never really makes it to the big time. And then some years later it finally emerges as a very viable method and is used all over the place. Read More ›

Get to Market Quickly with Your Secure Wearable Health Designs

March 28, 2017

Kris Ardis By: Kris Ardis
Executive Director, Micros & Security Business Unit, Maxim Integrated 

MAX32600MBED ARM mbed development platform
You’re driving on a two-lane highway and, suddenly, the on-coming car swerves in front of you, narrowly missing your front bumper. Your rapid heartbeat indicates how startled you were, but so, too, do the electrical properties of your skin. Galvanic skin response (GSR), also called electro-dermal activity (EDA), measures emotional arousal. When we sweat, our sweat glands conduct electricity. So, the higher the emotional arousal, the higher the skin conductance. Read More ›


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