Win 1 of 50 IoT Boards in #MakeWithMaxim Design Contest

February 16, 2017

Kris Ardis  By: Kris Ardis
 Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Technical Services, Maxim Integrated

The MAX32630FTHR board can be used to create battery-optimized solutions

Do you have a creative idea for a wearable device, a sensor hub, a portable medical device, or another internet of things (IoT) design? Enter the #MakeWithMaxim Design Contest with your idea on how you would use the MAX32630FTHR board. The deadline is April 14.

If your idea is selected, you’ll receive 1 of 50 free MAX32630FTHR boards. Giveaway winners will then have until June 13 to submit a project that documents their design. Three final design contest winners will be announced June 2. Read More ›

How Machine Learning Can Speed Up Your Design Cycle

February 15, 2017

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated

Machine learning infographic

Maybe you dream about taking your electronic designs to manufacturing without first validating their operation. All of those simulation steps take so much effort, and time-to-market pressures are relentless. But, of course, you’d never dare do it.

What if you had an effective way to streamline the simulation-based verification process? Read More ›

Shade-Proof Your Solar with Maxim Solar Cell Optimizers

February 14, 2017

Mark Cavanagh  By: Mark Cavanagh
 Guest Blogger, Owner of MC Solar & Electrical

In the world of solar energy, shade really is the bad guy. When solar panels are daisy-chained together in strings, shade that seemingly affects only one panel actually affects the whole set. In fact, we can’t blame shade alone. Even a dirty panel in a string can cause the whole string to lose valuable energy production. So can variances in panel degradation and manufacturing mismatch.

To get around these problems, the industry has needed to find a way for each solar panel to work independently. Read More ›

Simplify Vehicle Head Unit Design with Maxim’s Radio Tuner Solution

February 13, 2017

Kishore Racherla By: Kishore Racherla
Senior Business Manager, Automotive Business Unit, Maxim Integrated

Electronics in cars have been increasing due to higher adoption rates for technologies like driver assistance systems, navigation, satellite radio, telematics ,etc. This increase in electronics also leads to an increase in cabling in the cars.

If you consider the car radio, high-end cars are looking to support up to six radio receivers. These tuners are needed to receive AM, FM, FM background scanning, FM diversity, DAB (for Europe only), DAB–MRC (for Europe only), and DAB background scanning (for Europe only). Read More ›

Fast (But Not Too Fast) Op Amps for Reliable Very Low-Power Systems

February 9, 2016

Jim Harrison By: Jim Harrison
Guest Blogger, Lincoln Technology Communications

evaluation kit is available for the MAX9617 operational amplifier


Many electronic design engineers find themselves looking for that ‘just right’ op amp for applications like portable test equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, and industrial sensor data gathering. An amp that is fast—but not so fast that it is a pain to design with—and a device that has all the other performance bases very well covered—plus really, really low power.

The low power specification of amplifiers like these not only fits portable, battery-operated designs, but also makes the circuit design all together easier for any design. A smaller power supply is needed, circuit layout is easier, and the circuit generates less noise and interference than higher power versions.

Read More ›

Keeping Cars Safe and Reliable Via ISO 26262 Certification

February 8, 2017

Tamer Kira By: Tamer Kira
Director, Automotive, Maxim Integrated

electric vehicle

Now that cars contain more lines of code than airplanes, it’s clear how vital electronic components are to vehicles. And it also goes without saying that there’s no room for compromise when it comes to automotive safety.

ISO 26262 is the automotive functional safety standard, addressing potential hazards that occur when electrical and electric systems in passenger vehicles malfunction. An adaptation of IEC 61508, ISO 26262, according to the International Standards Organization (ISO), provides:

  • An automotive safety lifecycle, from management to development, production, operation, service, and decommissioning
  • Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs, which utilize an automotive-specific, risk-based approach) ...Read More ›

See & Hear Maxim Technologies at Mobile World Congress

February 7, 2017

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated 

pulse oximeter

It’s almost time to gather again in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, Feb. 27–March 2. Be sure to schedule your meeting with your Maxim sales representative, so you can get a personal demonstration of how our technologies can help you design sophisticated health and fitness sensor solutions for mobile and wearable applications, energy-efficient mobile audio systems with big stereo sound, and power management systems for mobile applications. Read More ›

Engineering is for Dummies (and I’m Living Proof)

February 2, 2017

Mohamed Ismail  By: Mohamed Ismail
 Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Technical Services, Maxim Integrated

electric guitar

The very first time I designed and built my own PCB from scratch was an exciting milestone in my electronics career. It was also a colossal disaster.

Inspired by my love of Guitar Hero, a game that uses a guitar-shaped controller to play rock music, I wanted to design my own string-less guitar. During a summer internship, I had been exposed to a number of touch sensor technologies, so how hard could it be? Read More ›


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