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Our engineers don't just invent great products. They also provide the design tools, technical information, and integrated circuit design resources you need to help you achieve better circuit designs faster and easier. Browse our selection of application block diagrams to get started with your system design.  Reference circuits and designs are available for purchase or to download and build yourself. Our comprehensive selection of technical articles and videos will help you select the right ICs and guide you in your detailed circuit design. These include integrated circuit application notes, tutorials, design solutions and design guides. Take advantage of advanced design tools and models to accelerate your design process. Detailed technical information is available for IC packaging, quality, reliability and environmental data. Our applications support team and Knowledgebase are readily available to answer your specific technical questions.

OASIS Simulator

Includes both the SIMPLIS simulation engine, which is the industry’s leading simulator for switched-mode power ICs, and the SIMetrix SPICE simulation engine.


Learn about the advantages of the single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) power converter architecture over traditional topologies.

Download 1-Wire®/iButton® Drivers for Windows

Download 1-Wire®/iButton® Drivers for Windows

mgineer Blog

Enjoy Maxim Integrated's IC blog for all the latest Integrated Circuit and Semiconductor news.

EE-Sim Design and Simulation Tools

Quickly create a complete power design using Maxim's award-winning circuit simulation tool. Try the EE-Sim DC-DC Converter Tool, OASIS offline simulation engine, and EE-Sim Solution Finder today.

SIMPLIS Models and Schematics

See Maxim's list of SIMPLIS models that are all fully tested and presented in a ready-to-simulate schematic. Download schematics to simplify your analysis or edit to create a custom design.

Design Technology

View our design technology examples from our circuit design partners. Learn about technologies that span a wide range of Maxim Integrated products.

Xilinx FPGAs Power Solutions | Maxim Integrated

Xilinx FPGA and MPSoC chips have complex power supply requirements. Learn how we provide efficient and complete voltage rail solutions for these applications.

nanoPower Technology

Lowering IQ is one of the best techniques for delivering the most efficient power and longest battery life to your designs.


Simulate using hundreds of SPICE models and tools grouped by product line. Other models on the market are listed as well.