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Maxim's 3D Integration Technology Enables Industry's Smallest Class D Amplifier Solution

 Industry’s smallest class D audio amplifier saves at least 25% board space for mobile applications.
Industry’s smallest class D audio amplifier saves at least 25% board space for mobile applications.
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Maxim Integrated introduces a 1mm x 1mm audio amplifier which saves at least 25% board space for mobile applications.

Sunnyvale, CA—January 17, 2012—Maxim Integrated Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) today announced the MAX98314, the industry's first mono, 3.2W, Class D amplifier with integrated input coupling capacitors.

With the integrated input capacitors, the MAX98314 fits in a small 1mm x 1mm solution size and saves at least 25% board space. The part is ideal for applications where PCB area is critical, as in portable electronic products including mobile phones, portable audio applications, notebooks, MP3 players, netbooks, and VoIP phones.

"Maxim has taken advantage of its truly innovative 3D process, opening the doors to countless possibilities for future solutions that enhance mobile devices. There is no better or smaller amplifier than the MAX98314 for your portable design needs," said Kristy Lypen, director of business management for Maxim.

The MAX98314's integrated capacitors provide better voltage-independence and matching than standard Class D amplifiers with external input capacitors. With excellent linearity, this Class D amplifier improves the system power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and enhances performance at low frequencies.

This 3.2W amplifier provides Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. Its higher efficiency and low quiescent current extend battery life and make it a low-power solution. It offers improved sound quality because the low noise floor and click-and-pop suppression techniques ensure that there is no audible noise—unless there is supposed to be. The MAX98314 is part of Maxim's broad portfolio of audio solutions that advance audio quality in mobile products.

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