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Visit a Maxim Location in the Philippines

Cavite Batangas
Manila (Bonifacio)

Cavite, Philippines

Gateway Business Park
Special Export
Processing Zone
Brgy. Javalera, Gen Trias
Philippines 4107
Phone: +63 46 433 0346
Our Maxim Philippine Operating Corporation takes great pride in its people—bold and innovative, collaborative and working as one, reaching higher to maximize our potential, and making a difference everyday in every way. We are a final-test, backend manufacturing operation started in mid-1997 and currently employ 2,550 Maximites. We deliver high-quality, fully tested products to the U.S., Europe, and throughout Asia.
Across all levels of our organization, we have highly competent individuals in managing, engineering, supervision, and operations roles. Our team is powered by a synergy of different functions that include planning, engineering, production, handler maintenance, quality assurance (QA), shipping, logistics, customer service, lean manufacturing, MIS, building maintenance, human resources (HR), and finance.
Taking our ideal from the top, "Manufacturing in a Great Workplace," we have diverse group activities to motivate, invigorate, and bind us together as a large family. In our Family Day we each have the chance to show off our workplace (grander with a new state-of-the-art building) to our families. Throughout the year we also host parties, a sports fest, marathons/fun runs, talent competitions, quiz bees, and there is always a new idea every year!
A company-sponsored shuttle service gets us to and from work. Guests and visitors are encouraged to find their own transportation since public transport is about a kilometer away from the main entrance to our building. Although we have meal service 24/7 through a canteen concessionaire inside the plant, there are other "chow time" options located outside the zone.

Batangas, Philippines

Philippine Economic Zone Area
FPIP Lot 39, Diaz Ave. cor. 2nd Street
Tanauan City, Batangas
Philippines 4234
Primary Phone: +63-2-988-3000
Primary Fax: +63-2-988-3041
Our assembly manufacturing operation here at Batangas is part of the Maxim Philippines Operation Corporation (MPOC), and about 50 kilometers away from our manufacturing test facility at Cavite. Although we considered several other locations, we chose the current Batangas site because it offered us the best balance between cost and convenient location.
We started operation in 2007 with 35 employees who manufacture modules and iButton® devices in robust steel packaging. In 2008 we added new wafer-level packaging (WLP) to our operation when the company introduced new a new manufacturing process commonly used for handheld products like tablets and cell phones. In the same year we began processing product evaluation (EV) kits, which are used to showcase the capability of our WLP devices. "Our Batangas site is the company's sole source for modules, iButton products, and WLP processes," says our Vice President.
Our daily activities focus constantly on exceeding delivery expectations. We are successful in our manufacturing operations because of teamwork and our ability to function 24/7. As our company values teach, we reach higher every day and are always willing to challenge ourselves and each other. We are definitely hard working and highly motivated and have grown quickly to 500 employees.
"Employees undertake initiatives that result in continuous improvements and promote innovation, creativity, and technical excellence," our Senior Manager proudly explains. We are very focused on the Asia Factory Operation (AFO), a group of highly engaged colleagues who participate in an awards program where individuals and teams showcase their technical papers on specific improvement projects.
The city of Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations near metro Manila. Our area is known for its many islands, including Fortune Island and Sombrero Island. Mt. Taal, the world's smallest volcano at 600 meters (1968 feet), is also located in Batangas. We host company-wide recreational activities and sports events, holiday and Valentine's Day celebrations, and wellness programs like our Fun Run. Employees have also formed interest groups for runners, badminton players, and outdoor and photography enthusiasts. We keep very busy and enjoy each other outside of work too.

Manila, Philippines

14th Floor, ACCRALAW Tower
Second Avenue, Corner 30th Street, Crescent Park West
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 0399
Metro Manila
Phone: +632 548 4200
We created our business center in 2009 in the heart of Manila's historical district of Bonifacio. Our office focuses on many different processes and hosts many different roles including back-office accounting services, evaluation (EV) kit and design engineering, sales and customer operations support, internal auditing, finance, and a tax group.
One of our largest groups is accounting. We have international responsibilities and work with several of our international business partners in accounts payable, financial reporting, fixed assets, credit and collection, and accounts receivable functions. We manage corporate credit-card reporting and are an integral part of Maxim's "shared service" programs. While some of these administrative services are also provided by our Dallas, Texas and Dublin, Ireland offices, our Bonifacio office provides the majority of support to the U.S. and Asian sales operations. Our customer and sales support operates 24/7. Because of this, our office is virtually never closed. Some of us work night shifts when differentiating time zones makes business with North America most convenient.
Our Bonifacio director describes our team as "competitive, flexible, and resourceful." Because our office grew so quickly, the workforce is very focused on the new values that Maxim emphasizes. Our director explains that our culture is especially competitive because of the high number of people applying for jobs here. With so much business linked to us, we know that we make a huge difference to business and customers every day…and night.