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Visit a Maxim Location in Italy

Catania (Sicily) Milan (Agrate)
Milan (Rozzano) Pavia
Pisa (Navacchio) Ragusa (Sicily)

Catania (Sicily), Italy

Via Alessandro Manzoni
95037 San Giovanni La Punta (CT)
Phone: +39-0952936442
Fax: +39 0955183224
We have had a design center in Sicily since 2002. When we needed more space and newer facilities, we moved to our current office in 2010 with some of our workforce going to Ragusa, Sicily. We all work on different phases of integrated circuit design. With a broad range of experience, we focus on many circuit applications and end products. We are always interested in hiring design engineers with analog IC experience.
Our design center in Catania is most unique because we are located in a mall. "It's very useful," explains our site's Administrative Assistant. "We have a big parking lot, bar, restaurant, markets, shops, and other services right here. We can all save time when we go out of the office." Other business offices and a medical center are right here too. We all appreciate this convenience!

Milan (Agrate), Italy

Centro Direzionale Colleoni
Palazzo Cassiopea 1
Via Paracelso 22
20041 Agrate Brianza (Milano)
Phone: +39-039-64112
Fax: +39 039 605 8566
Our Maxim Italy sales office is located in the business center "Centro Direzionale Colleoni" that hosts several major high-tech companies in differing market segments. The town of Agrate-Brianza is 20 kilometers from downtown Milan and is centered around several major industries. We have eight employees here and provide account management, technical applications, sales, and administrative support for the Italian customer base.
"The Maxim Italy sales team works for each other and, therefore, for our customers. We hold in high regard the Maxim principles that have brought us this far and will take us further in the future." The Admin of our European Sales Managing Director also describes the working week as a "real pleasure!" The friendship and camaraderie between colleagues really makes a difference when working through the complexity of customer relationships."
Agrate is close to many historical landmarks and also to Monza, the home of Formula 1 grand prix racing in Italy.

Milan (Rozzano), Italy

20089 Rozzano (Milanofiori)
Phone: +39 02 00649000
Fax: +39 02 00649020
We established our Milan design center in 2000 in the municipality of Rozzano and relocated to a new office in September of 2011. Here, our 105 employees share three floors and two labs for test and design. Most of us are design engineers, although we have layout designers and colleagues from Information Technologies (IT) and Human Resources (HR). Our designs actually involve a range of applications and technologies, so we must be especially creative in solving customer challenges. We each have our individual areas of expertise, but we are all specialists in highly integrated systems and power-management design. Our proximity to the Italian automotive industry also made us experts in automotive circuitry. Experience has also shown us that we accomplish so much more when we share our knowledge. We can proudly say that we have solved some important design problems here.
We are only a 30-minute car ride from our smaller design office in Pavia, Italy. We are colleagues, sometimes rivals in a race to invent a new product. But we know that we cannot solve all challenges alone, so we collaborate closely with each other every day.
Our design center is just a metro ride from downtown Milan where there is an unlimited number of restaurants, shops, and tourist sites. We can always find something entertaining to do there.

Pavia, Italy

Ottagoni Shopping Center - First Floor
Via Piemonte 18
San Martino Siccomario
27028 Pavia
Phone: +39 0382 497142
Fax: +39 0382 497147
We opened our design center in Pavia in January 2008 and now 15 people collaborate on IC designs here. We focus on developing new integrated solutions for power management, networking, data centers, medical and automotive application areas.
Our site manager is smiling when he says: "There is a strong spirit of collaboration among people and a very good level of communication. I think this camaraderie is essential to establish good relationships and invent new products." We also all agree that our small, quiet location in Pavia makes our office a nice place to work. Employees, "make the place nice to stay, regardless of the stressful issues they deal with during the day," our manager explains.
Our office is about 36 kilometers from the Maxim office in Milan, so we interact with them all the time. It's really good to have fellow engineers so close to share ideas. We are located in the Ottagoni Shopping Center, which provides plenty of entertainment and food for our lunch breaks. Our Pavia location offers great career opportunities for new graduates and interested engineers because the University of Pavia, which has strong research activity in microelectronics, and other high-technology companies are nearby.

Pisa, Italy

SD Pisa:
c/o Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio
Via Giuntini 63, Int. A9
56023 Navacchio (PI)
Phone: +39-050-754758
Fax: +39-050-754750
Our design center in Pisa hosts over 30 engineers who specialize in integrated analog and digital devices. Some of us are inventing advanced automotive designs. We often collaborate with our neighboring Milan and Catania design centers and we all know very well that sharing knowledge and ideas produces the most successful new designs.
Our office balances the quiet village life of Navacchio with the fast-paced demands of the technology industry. We have access to top-notch security systems and all the latest devices to keep us constantly connected with coworkers around the world. This collaboration is key to the steady improvements that we strive for every day. Our administrative assistant just observed that, "Maxim's four values are our main focus, all day and every day."
We located our office in a technology park so we could be surrounded by other communications and information technology companies. Although we are in the small town of Navacchio, we are only a 10-minute drive from Pisa. We enjoy this area because it offers us and our families so many choices. A train and bus station in front of the business park give us quick and easy access to the Pisa city center. Also close by is a shopping center, gym, car services, and a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Ragusa (Sicily), Italy

Centro Direzionale ASI
Quadrato Banche, Locale 7
Zona Industriale, 97100
Office: +39 (0932) 667647
We created our site in Ragusa in April of 2010 when our Catania office relocated and we split our team between both offices. Ours is a design center, primarily working on power-supply products that usually go into laptops. We are collaborating with our Beaverton, Oregon fab on new ways to improve our design processes. We also have a goal to shrink our IC packages, which will help collaborators at our Dallas, Texas fab.
Our five design engineers sometimes travel for business, especially to our headquarters in California. There is an incredible amount of teamwork between marketing teams in Maxim's headquarters and our layout designers and the team at Catania, which is only 100 kilometers away. Our office is already scheduling more business trips to customers in the future.
We enjoy playing basketball in our spare time. Our Design Director describes our team here as, "basically like a little family, we've known each other for many years." He also notes that Ragusa is unique because it is the only semiconductor company in the city, though there is a healthy proportion of other high-tech companies that specialize in other industries.