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Visit a Maxim Location in Korea

Gumi Seoul (Design Center)
Seoul (Sales)

Gumi, Korea

Daerim Sujeong Heights, Room #501
327 Jinpyeong-dong
Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Korea 730-360
Our office in Gumi is smaller than most Maxim offices, but we have a very important role. We are primarily technical field applications engineers and quality assurance (QA) experts.
We support many Korean customers, but give special attention to selected international customers who use our parts in their manufacturing centers around the world. We collaborate on their design issues and even initiate suggestions for new designs. We resolve any, and all, of their requests. We also travel internationally for business, hold technical seminars, and test circuits if needed. We are our customers' partners and can even anticipate their calls. With lots of experience, we know that teamwork solves problems and keeps our customers happy.
We keep in regular contact with colleagues in our sales office and design center in Seoul. We also join in extracurricular and social activities with them. Our office is located in a downtown area, so food and transportation are easily accessible. The nearest railroad station is 30 or 40 minutes away by taxi – not that far when you travel as much as we do.

Seoul (Design Center), Korea

3rd Floor, M Tower
154-11 Samsung-Dong, Gangnam-Gu
Seoul 135-879
Phone: +82-2-2188-8008
Fax: +82-2-2188-8000
Our design center in Seoul officially opened in June of 2009 when we needed more office space and separated from our sales colleagues. Now our offices are just across the street, so it's still easy to get together. There are over 40 of us engineers here, each of us an expert in design, layout, firmware, or IC test.
We work hard but find time to go bowling or play table tennis together. Our office is located next to the Samsung® subway station and an airport terminal, making traveling convenient for both us and our customers.

Seoul (Sales), Korea

City Airport Logis & Travel #505
159-6 Samseong-Dong, Kangnam-Ku
Korea 135-728
Phone: +82-2-551-1010
Fax: +82-2-551-1219
Our sales office in Seoul was founded in 1996 and we have grown to 50 employees. We perform a wide range of sales functions that cross from sales account managers in the field to administration, finance, and human resources (HR) support in the back offices. Our administrative assistant describes our office as "a collective community," full of people who are "eager to work." Our sales activities involve a broad range of products and technical solutions. Supporting such diverse customer applications keeps us linked tightly to technical colleagues and administrative staff at our headquarters in San Jose, California.
A shopping center with many restaurants is nearby. There is also a beautiful old Buddhist temple within 5 minutes walking distance from our office. Bus stops and the Samseong subway station are all a short walking distance away, so getting to and from our work is simple.