Solar Cell Optimizer

Analog ICs provide complete analog circuit functions.


Take the Next Step in DC Optimization

Our solar cell optimizers embed the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) function deeper in the photovoltaic system than ever before. You’re no longer constrained by the limits of conventional design or panel-level optimization. Our solar cell optimizers have unprecedented tolerance for uniform shading, allowing the tightest possible row spacing. Modules built with our solar cell optimizer technology enable you to deliver improved financials for even the largest photovoltaic (PV) projects.

No more costly boxes hanging off the back of your panel, no more network cabling or communications gateways, and no more hotspot module stress. Solar cell optimizers enable you to perform MPPT and DC optimization on each cell string. This granularity minimizes power degradation due to shading, soiling, and other sources of mismatch within the panel.

Unlike the diodes they replace, solar cell optimizers do not bypass weak cell strings. Instead, they allow each cell string to deliver maximum power under any environmental conditions, enabling you to harvest more energy, achieve denser panel layouts, and improve system reliability.

Solar cell optimizer solid state, single-chip device


Increased Energy Harvest

Performing MPPT separately on each cell string (from 6 to 24 cells) eliminates performance mismatch at the most granular level providing a superior level of shade tolerance.

Expanded System Size

Improved performance with row-to-row shading allows you to increase ground mount or roof-top energy density, so you can generate more energy from a constrained space.

Extended Reliability

Optimizers replace the need for bypass diodes. This improves long-term panel reliability by eliminating hot-spots and minimizing the impact of power degradation mechanisms.

Lowest Solution Cost

Our fully integrated solution costs less than DC optimizer modules, and requires no additional hardware, specialized inverters, or data services.

Video: Solar Cell Optimizers Offer Huge Gains in Energy Harvesting

Solar Cell Optimizers increase energy density.

Solar Cell Optimizers replace bypass diodes to maximize energy production and reliability.


Get Optimal Output Under Any Environmental Conditions

Solar cell optimizers work to increase the current output of an under-performing cell-string so that it does not impair the output of the other cells within the module, or other modules in the system.

The solar cell optimizer MPPT function works alongside the inverter MPPT to ensure the system output is optimal under any environmental conditions. Three of our solar cell optimizers replace the three diodes found in a conventional panel.

Conventional or Panel Optimizer Panels

Cell-String Optimizer Panels

Success Stories

Case Study

OneRoof Energy

Dr. Frank Mogavero, DDS, an orthodontist with offices in San Clemente and San Diego, California, wanted to install solar panels at his residence, but because his home’s roof had many planes, facing different directions, it presented a challenge for conventional PV technology. Before meeting with OneRoof Energy, another solar panel installer told Dr. Mogavero that there was no way they could source his energy needs based on the available roof space..

OneRoof Energy introduced Dr. Mogavero to modules equipped with Maxim optimizers, which perform maximum point power tracking (MPPT) at the cell string level. By replacing each diode with a Maxim cell-string optimizer, the on-off response to performance mismatch is eliminated. Each cell string contributes maximum power without interfering with the power production capability of the others. This provides a higher degree of system design and layout flexibility by incorporating multiple string lengths, multiple orientations, and to expand panels into partially shaded areas.

“Maxim-enabled modules are the most cost effective systems to deploy on roofs with multiple planes,” said Anand Janaswamy. “The system using Maxim technology is performing better than our expectations and our customer is realizing significant dollar savings each month.”

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Case Study

Missouri Sun Solar

Missouri Sun Solar (MSS), ranked one of the top residential installers in the U.S., was looking for a solution to generate the most energy out of every system while dealing with the typical photovoltaic (PV) installation challenges, including shade and design flexibility.

CivicSolar, a leading solar equipment distributor in the U.S., introduced MSS to JinkoMX modules equipped with Maxim optimizers. Maxim cell-string optimizers offer best-in-class shade mitigation, improve module lifetime performance and enable flexibly system designs.

“JinkoMX panels provide better production than regular modules,” said Caleb Arthur, CEO, Missouri Sun Solar. “The difference is amplified when shading is present. Depending on how much shading is on the job, the difference could be substantial.”

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