Keywords: EPON, SFF, SFF module, small form factor, host adapter, optical, return loss, transmit, receive, Ethernet Passive Optical Network, Gbps, high-speed
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EPON-SFF Host Adapter

Abstract: High-Frequency Reference Design 50.1 (HFRD-50.1) is a host adapter board that supports Small Form Factor (SFF) EPON modules. HFRD-50.1 routes power and I²C serial-communication support, and translates the high-speed SFF interconnect to SMA connectors. HFRD-50.1 is suitable for evaluating EPON SFF modules operating up to 2.5Gbps.

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REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 5242, AN5242, AN 5242, APP5242, Appnote5242, Appnote 5242, HFRD-50.1