HFRD-32.0: Quad-SFP Host Adapter

Abstract: High Frequency Reference Design 32.0 (HFRD-32.0) is a host adapter board that supports Quad-SFP (QSFP) modules. HFRD-32.0 routes power, I²C serial communication support and translates the high-speed, QSFP interconnect to SMA connectors. HFRD-32.0 is suitable for evaluating QSFP modules operating from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. Host-side monitoring of VCC_TX and VCC_RX supply currents and voltages provide additional confidence that the external supply is adequate and that the module is not drawing excessive current. The landing area for the QSFP module meets the mechanical requirements described in the QSFP specification version 1.0 and is, therefore, compatible with QSFP cages, latches and housings. The software that supports the host adapter board relies upon a Microsoft Windows® based personal computer equipped with USB. HFRD-32.0 reduces the risk associated with experimenting with QSFP modules by supplying user interface software and the necessary hardware interface to support QSFP module development.

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REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 4139, AN4139, AN 4139, APP4139, Appnote4139, Appnote 4139