HFRD-25.2: Low-Cost GEPON SFF ONT with µC

Abstract: High-Frequency Reference Design (HFRD) 25.2 is a low-cost GEPON SFF ONT module design that provides excellent performance, features and manufacturability. Material cost is minimized by using low-cost components (laser driver, limiting amplifier, microcontroller and optical subassembly). To reduce assembly costs, all of the components are placed on the top side of the PCB. This low-cost design provides excellent high-speed performance and a rich set of features for laser driver control and system monitoring. The complete and fully documented firmware for the µC is also provided to simplify integration and custom modifications. Gerber files and schematics may be provided, however reference design boards are no longer available.

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REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 3985, AN3985, AN 3985, APP3985, Appnote3985, Appnote 3985