HFRD-22.3: Modular GPON (MOGPON) ONT

Abstract: High Frequency Reference Design (HFRD) 22 is a series of modular GPON (MOGPON) evaluation boards allowing simple evaluation of various configurations and options. They provide a complete reference design to speed and simplify new product development for the entire physical layer design of an ONT/ONU. Using the provided schematics, bill of materials, layout files, typical test data and populated boards, a designer can quickly evaluate and test the components of the design at a system level of operation. User software is also provided that allows configuration, control and monitoring of each HFRD 22 reference design through a Windows controlled USB interface.

The HFRD 22.1, 22.2 and 22.3 transceiver reference designs include a burst mode Laser driver, continuous mode APD digital receiver, an analog video amplifier and an optical subassembly including laser, photodiodes and TIA. Each of these designs highlights a different configuration or available option for implementing a GPON ONT. The HFRD 22.7 reference design is a GPON ONT SerDes evaluation board that connects directly to any of the transceiver reference boards mentioned above.

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REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 3926, AN3926, AN 3926, APP3926, Appnote3926, Appnote 3926