FAQs about Discontinued Parts and Last-Time-Buy


What is Maxim's Product Discontinuance Policy?
How will Maxim notify me if a product is being discontinued?
Where can I learn which devices are planned for discontinuance in the future?
What is a Last Order Date?
What happens if I need more product after the Last Order Date?
What is the Last Shipment Date?
If I determine that I ordered too much for my final needs, can I cancel my order(s) or return units?
Is there a minimum order quantity for my last-time buy?
Will the part(s) on the Last-Time-Buy list carry the normal Maxim warranty?
Will Maxim offer alternative product(s) for a discontinued part?
Are there any second sources or recommended upgrades for a discontinued device?
Whom should I contact if I have questions about price or delivery?
What happens after the 24 months and the product discontinuance is finalized?