Ensuring Genuine Maxim Products

What You Need to Know About Counterfeit Parts

To protect our customers from purchasing counterfeit products that purport to be genuine Maxim parts, Maxim strongly recommends that our customers purchase directly from Maxim Direct or one of our authorized distributors:


As noted in Maxim's Terms and Conditions, product warranties do not apply to parts purchased through unauthorized sales channels.


It can be very difficult to distinguish counterfeit parts from genuine Maxim parts because fraudulent top markings and labels closely resemble the markings on authentic parts. Counterfeit devices will not meet Maxim datasheet specifications and can result in product failure.

Investigating Counterfeit Parts

If you believe that you purchased counterfeit Maxim parts, please contact Maxim's Customer Operations team and provide the following information to assist with the investigation:

  • Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost
  • Supplier name and contact details (address, phone, website, and email addresses)
  • Top marks, date code, lot number, and other package markings
  • Copy of purchase order and invoice
  • Pictures of the front and back of the chip and any labels that came with the order
  • Pictures of the Die type (if possible)