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At TRUSTECH 2018, we invite you to step into our inviting café, where you can buy a cup of coffee and experience first-hand secure pin-on-glass payments. With mobile and contactless payment systems becoming more pervasive, payment solutions providers must be able to develop, certify, and maintain an EMV acceptance stack. But this process has grown increasingly challenging, with EMVCo specification changes happening as often as every six months. Maxim has teamed up with Amadis and Quanta Computer to develop a turnkey, all-in-one Secure Card Reader for PIN (SCRP) solution that we'll showcase in our café.

Amadis has created an EMV pre-certified, chip-agnostic payment software stack that saves designers the roughly 12 to 18 months that developing and certifying their own EMV Level 2 software stack would require. Quanta provides the ready-to-go SCRP hardware, which runs the Amadis software and features Maxim’s MAX32560 DeepCover® secure microcontroller. The MAX32560 is the industry’s first secure Arm® Cortex®-M3 flash microcontroller with integrated contactless and smartcard interface. Using this SCRP solution can substantially streamline the time and effort needed to go from idea to a production-ready payment processing system that is aligned to Payment Card Industry-PIN Transaction Security (PCI-PTS) v5.1 standards.

Be sure to make time in your TRUSTECH schedule to listen to our speakers, too. Dany Nativel, one of Maxim’s embedded security tech experts in our Embedded Security Business Unit, will present a talk on “POS + mPOS: Enabling the PIN-On-Glass Revolution with Production-Ready SCRP Devices” at 10:00a.m. on November 27 on the Innovation Stage. And Emmanuel Haydont, one of Amadis’s payment acceptance experts, will speak on “Payment Card Industry Structuring Deficiencies - An Acceptance Perspective” at 2:40p.m. on November 27 in the Industry Insights program.


11/27/2018 - 11/29/2018
Cannes, France