Sensors Experience Expo 2020

Get Ready for the Maxim Integrated Sensors Experience

For a world that has changed dramatically almost overnight, we’ve created a virtual venue to help you stay connected and learn more about the latest sensor technologies for a variety of applications.

The Maxim Integrated Sensors Experience launches on June 22, delivering a rich collection of online content, such as video demos, webinars, and virtual meetings with technical experts. The event will cover several application and technology areas: healthcare, microcontrollers, and analog ICs.

Click on the tabs below for peek at what we have planned for our virtual booth, to register for the webinars, and to schedule a virtual meeting. We’re looking forward to seeing you online!

See you online at our Sensors Experience!

Personalized Healthcare Delivered

The personalized healthcare revolution is here, and Maxim wants to team up with you to be at the forefront. Our highly integrated sensor ICs support more use cases by monitoring an increasingly wide range of vital signs, precisely and continuously. On this page, you can get a sneak peek at our demo topics, register for a webinar on remote patient monitoring, and also use the calendar to schedule a virtual meeting with a technical expert. Be sure to request your meeting 24 hours in advance.

The demos we’ve got planned will show you how to bring a variety of health-monitoring use cases to life:

  • Power Solutions for Extending the Battery Life of Wearable Sensors
  • In-Ear Heart-Rate Monitor with Smart Dock
  • Wearable ECG and Heart Monitor Evaluation and Development Platform
  • Health Sensor Platform 2.0 for Wrist-Worn Designs
  • Wrist-Based SpO2, Heart Rate, and Heart-Rate Variability Solution
  • MAX-HEALTH-BAND Development and Evaluation Platform for Wearables


One of our healthcare technology experts, Andrew Baker, will present a webinar “The Critical Role of Actionable Insights for the Wearable Healthcare Revolution”. During the session, Baker will discuss the increased need for remote patient monitoring and how this can support better predictive and preventive healthcare and chronic disease management.

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MCUs for Any Application You Can Imagine

Our ultra-low-power, 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontrollers (MCUs) are built to run any application you can imagine, even those that you didn’t think would be possible. Smart, power efficient, secure, and created with the biggest embedded memories in their class, these devices are ideal for many designs.

At our virtual event, you can see our Human Temperature Monitoring demo enabled by a new ultra-low-power MCU. On this page, use the calendar to schedule a meeting with a technical expert; be sure to select your timeslot 24 hours in advance.


You can also register for our webinar, “When and Why System Reliability Matters,” presented by Carlos Rodriguez, one of our microcontroller experts. Get a deeper understanding of system reliability, as well as an introduction to the new MAX32670 low-power microcontroller, which can help increase system robustness via error correcting code and an array of security features.

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Essential Analog ICs at the Core of Your Innovation

We expect our electronics to deliver long runtimes, to measure quickly and accurately without calibration, to provide connectivity in the toughest environments, and to operate continuously even in the presence of faults. The underlying analog technology will need to provide efficient power, precision measurement, rugged connectivity, and reliable protection—exactly what you get with Maxim’s Essential Analog ICs. On this page, you can get a sneak peek at our demo topics and also use the calendar to schedule a virtual meeting with a technical expert. Be sure to request your meeting 24 hours in advance.

Here are the demos we’ve got planned to demonstrate efficient power:

  • Supercap battery backup
  • nanoPower watch