Metering India

04/22/2015 - 04/23/2015
New Delhi

Our generation is a witness to the technological evolution in various sectors across the globe. We have changed the way we live and do our businesses, but have retained our core philosophies and differentiators. We expect technology to further simplify our lives without forgetting our realities.

We aspire to take a quantum leap into the Smart future and yet retain our basics.

We are at a very interesting threshold in our journey toward a smarter tomorrow. Our electricity delivery system is at a threshold of a mammoth operational changeover, in which various stakeholders have key roles to play. The utilities in India have already graduated in efficient use of existing Electronic Energy Meters and have also invested heavily on the IT infrastructure. They are experiencing the Automatic Meter Reading System, and various pilots of new technologies have been undertaken. However, the true potential in terms of deriving key benefits of profitability, enhancement in Key Performance Indices (KPIs), and satisfying consumer needs still to be harnessed. The last mile of connectivity and consumer participation has its own set of expectations from Energy Metering. Initiatives like Demand Side Management, Renewable Energy Integration, ToD Tariff Implementation, and Consumer Home Energy Management will add another dimension to revenue protection for the utility and the same may pose new challenges to the Energy Metering Industry in the Indian context. The Metering India seminar is envisaged to strengthen the technological choices and offer the options to empower and utilize existing infrastructure for a result-oriented future. In partnership with all stakeholders, let us add a Smart Indian Dimension to our future and endeavor to lead the global trend.