European Utility Week

11/04/2014 - 11/06/2014
Amsterdam European Utility Week

Meet with us at European Utilities to see our latest innovations in action:

  • The ZON™ Family. Never trade scalability for cost-effectiveness again.  This new family of metering products lets you leverage common firmware, across a wide variety of meter configurations and service utilities around the world. Better yet, this amazing flexibility sacrifices none of our trademark performance—so reliable, over 170M meters with Maxim technology are deployed worldwide. Learn more ›

  • Smart Plugs for the Internet of Things. Cut your development cycle with programming-free "black box" solutions. Firmware is baked in, and metrology code is pre-supported.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter. Finally, a solid-state water measurement solution that’s both power-efficient and cost-effective.  With 1% accuracy even at 0.5 liter per minute, this meter is 10X as precise as mechanicals—even 4X other ultrasonics. It also runs for 20 years on one AA battery. Learn more ›

  • Secure communication. Our BSI-compliant smart meter security gateway includes a utility-tested G3 PLC modem.

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